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Aki Mori is a nineteen-year-old female who is an enthusiast of many things. She is a Filipina, but is often mistaken for another Asian race. She is studying Speech-Language Pathology in the University of Santo Tomas. Currently, she resides in the Philippines with her family.

She enjoys cosplaying and is fond of visiting different events and conventions in costume. She also enjoys experimenting with makeup artistry, and her style leans more towards the Japanese and Korean fashion sub-cultures. Apart from those, she is also deeply in love with instant camera photography, and her tool of choice is a Fujifilm Instax Mini 25. When she is not immersed into hobby nor study, she is quite fond of reading and watching different movies and animation series in her own time.

She is a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland, and she believes herself to be similar to Alice in a way that she finds herself lost in the queerest and most unique situations with nothing but her wit and will to save her guts. Someday, she believes, she will eventually find her way back out of this rabbit hole.

Aki also enjoys writing in many forms. She started out by writing short poems and stories in the sixth grade, and eventually ventured into blogging by the age of fifteen. She now writes about all the things that are dear to her adventurous heart, and she currently finds it awkward to be writing in third person.

If you wish to contact Aki, you may e-mail her at

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