Sunday, September 8, 2013

Makeup Review: Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer in 2 Natural Beige

Because my old concealer sucks, and there's this guy who insisted on buying me a new one just because.

Haa! So I've been frequenting Etude House lately. Well, I didn't mean to buy this, really. There's just this guy. =)))

ANYWAY. On to the review.

Product photo~
Actual photo.
I bought it in natural beige, since I thought the other shade won't blend well to my skin tone. Plus, they only had this shade available. :P

Some close ups.

 The applicator looks kinda weird. :P I honestly don't know the purpose of this oddly-shaped applicator. But whatever works. XD

It blends well with my skin tone. At first, it looked a little too dark. It feels quite light on skin, unlike other concealers where you feel like it's caked up too much on your face.

Eyebags. orz
Say hi to my right eye. XD I dotted a few of the concealer on my eyebags, and it lightened considerably. When I put on another layer, almost all of my dark circles and discolorations disappeared. Good coverage :D

Tried it also on the small scars dotting my cheek.
It covers up pretty well. Maybe I put in a little too few of the concealer, that's why some of my scars still showed up.

It doesn't cake up on my face, and it stays on. Which is good, because I have oily skin and my makeup tends to melt a little or cake up after wearing it for a good number of hours. But not this one. It stays on comfortably.

I even used this to cover up my dark circles before I went to school, and it pretty much stayed on for almost the whole day. Considering that I even had P.E., and I had quite a workout and was sweating a lot.

Texture: 5/5 - It feels incredibly light and easy on the skin, and you won't feel anything at all when you put it on. It's really easy to blend out as well.
Smell: 4/5 - It smells like face powder and a bit of cologne. :P It has a bit of a cosmetic-y smell to it, but it's quite bearable.
Coverage: 5/5 - It can basically cover all of the skin imperfections. It just depends on how much of the product you put on.
Price: 5/5 - For Php298 (Roughly around $7), this concealer's a pretty good catch. 

Yes, I really will! It's really cheap for good quality, and I think I might try out the other shade for lighter skin looks. Yes, I really recommend this. You're gonna love it as much as I do.

That's all, thanks for reading! :3
Bye bye~

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