Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Of Shoes and Ships: Explaining Cosplay to Your Parents

At one point in any cosplayer's life, they have encountered resistance from what seems to be one of the most important people in anyone's life - their parents.

I agree that explaining cosplay to your parents can be pretty much like explaining rocket science. Most of the time, your parents are clueless about this hobby and at the first time they hear it, they'll most probably be against it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

In Retirement: Otaku Expo Reload 2015

Just before I jumped into the first semester of my third year in college, I had the most wonderful opportunity to do what I love to do the most before I tackle another year of responsibility and study.

Otaku Expo Reload is one of the known, smaller events that usually make its rounds in social media about once or twice a year. This year, it was held at Megatrade Hall, albeit the area they provided was a little bit cramped, cosplayers and enthusiasts of the like flocked to join the event.

The event occupied only a single hall, surprisingly, because other events for other lifestyle hobbies were also taking place in nearby convention halls. The corridors of the mall were lined with many cosplayers in attractive costumes for the whole day.


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