Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I'm moving blogs!

Hello, reader!

I want to quickly announce that I am moving my cosplay blog into BUT I won't delete this blog, or any of the posts, because I have posted reviews here that might still be of help to others. With that said, this will be my last post and I won't update this blog anymore. My new blog will still be a partner of Infinity Studios.

It was hard for my to decide to leave Blogspot since this was my first blogging love, but I found that this wasn't the best platform for me to share my cosplay and related experiences. This site has become a little buggy and since it has no mobile app (and the site isn't very mobile-friendly) and managing it on the go has become difficult.

I recently made a personal(ish) aesthetic blog on Tumblr and found that Tumblr is a better platform for me to reach out to other people who are interested in the same things as I am. It has a better feedback system, in my opinion, and I can connect to more people that way.

Blogspot isn't completely a terrible blogging platform. I think it's a great platform if you're interested in blogging, but the site hasn't been very helpful for me recently. It's just my personal preference.

With that being said, I say goodbye to my first blog and say hello to my new one.

Cheers to moving on!

Love, Aki.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Tutorial: Gradient Lips

I know that there are millions of different tutorials on how to make gradient lips scattered all around the world wide web, and the world hardly needs another tutorial. But I decided to share my knowledge and show different tips and tricks on how to achieve different styles of gradient lips.

This style of lip makeup is a widely popular Korean trend, also known as 'lip ombre' or 'just bitten' style. It makes the lips look smaller and stained, without accentuating the lip lines strongly or overdrawing them.


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