Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Crystal Lens: Super Pearl Red Review

Lately, buying contact lenses from conventions has been easier for me...
So here I am with a new review of my newest pair!
The lens that I bought this time was Crystal Super Pearl Red.
Such a cute shop :3

Photo from GWYSHOP.
I've looked through other shops and hoped to find EOS red lenses, but it was way over my budget so I took a peek through the Crystal lens catalog and found this pair. This costed Php250 ($5.62).

The design looked very similar to my Dolly Red pair, but it's fairly smaller because it's only 15mm. Lately, I prefer 15mm lenses because they don't look unnaturally scary without makeup and still enlarge your eyes if you want to.

For this one, the red pops out even more without looking scary. Since the red color on the lenses weren't really solid, it adds more to giving it a natural color. It's quite noticeable, despite being slightly dark.

This pair is very comfortable as well. The lens were thinner than usual, making them softer and more comfortable on the eyes.

Close up.
Compared to the product photo provided by GWYSHOP, the lens were darker in color. The one in the product photo was brighter and it blended all too well into the model's dark eyes. This one sort of makes it obvious that I'm wearing lenses because it doesn't blend in the middle.

Comfort: 5/5
Design: 4/5
Enlargement: 3/5

Thank you for reading this review! :) I hope you enjoyed it.
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