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Girl at Heart: Ozine Fest 2014 Day 3 (April 27, 2014)

Finally! A cosplay convention!
//runs to the hills

I was really excited to attend the much awaited Ozine Fest 2014 because I felt like I haven't been donning a cosplay for such a long time. I was really excited about this character I cosplayed, because it's a different type of character and I wanted to see if I could give justice.

A little background of the preparation first~
It was my first time wearing a chest binder and I opted not to wear it too tight because I might faint in the middle of the event. I also had to thin myself down for this character because he's really sexy despite being male.

See? THIN.
I made the necklace by myself~

 I love working with glass beads~ They're easy to handle and they look very pretty.
As for the tattoo on my thigh, I had it done by a good friend of mine which works as a tattoo artist.

A friend of mine also volunteered to make the costume for me, for a fairly low price as well. :) Thank you, Ms. Arlane!

Okay! Event time!~

 If you guys don't know this character, he is Kisshou/Benio from Zone-00~
Yes, he is a MALE.
I was supposed to wear angel wings, but the feathers had fallen off the night before because of the heat.

Before I left the event, my room looked like a war zone. Here is proof:

 And to war we go!

There was so much people at the event and it was really hard to move around so we just stayed in the function hall designated for cosplayers. I didn't meet as much people as I wanted to see that day, I'm really sorry for that... Many people wished to see me and expressed their excitement over Facebook and but it was really so troublesome to roam a lot.

But I had some photos with friends! (Click on an image to enlarge.)

 And I had a couple of shots with fluffy Kyuubi!~
See, Kyuubi isn't at all that bad...

When I was planning to go the event a couple of nights before, there was a lot of negativity in Facebook and on the event's page... I could literally see black aura emitting from my laptop screen so I almost cancelled going to this event. But the night before, I had a talk with my friend and told him about my dilemma, and he told me that if the event really was as bad as they said it would be, I just have to find my own way to have fun.

To make the long story short, I did. I met a lot of good friends, some I haven't seen for quite a while, and met new people too! I had fun, although it was scorching heat and spaghetti-like lines for tickets. The guards were really frustrated from telling people not to stay in certain areas, but I didn't hear such harsh words from them.

Taking a rest inside the event hall... that's my younger brother holding my pink crossbow and Lourd right beside him~
It was tiring, but fun. :)

Kisshou selfies for no reason.
I was pretty satisfied with how I did my make up for that day. My eyebrows were cooperative, when they're usually such a pain to shape and tame. My eyeliner wasn't that bad too, which is kinda an achievement for me.

I didn't get to take a photo of my con loot, but thanks to Fredo-chan for the choco banana daifuku and poster, and my new lens from GWYSHOP. :) Thanks to the people who exchanged coscards with me as well. (I'll probably post photos of them in my Facebook account.)

That's all for this event! I had fun :)
Were you at Ozine as well? Share your experience!

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