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Makeup Review: Makeup Brushes from

Shop This Easy ( was one of the online shopping sites that caught my attention about a year ago, when my mom and I were looking for an online store to buy fashionable office attire from. Last year, we made our first purchase from this shop and this year, a few items from Shop This Easy caught our eye.

If you're a follower from my Instagram account, you've probably seen me post this photo.

My mom bought a red chiffon top, two bracelets and I bought the brush set. We really liked the red top. It looks suitable for office and formal gatherings. I really liked the blue bracelet as well. As a matter of fact, I wear it often.
I'm here to make a review of their Elite Handle Makeup Brush set, which costed Php349. To be honest, this brush set appealed to me because I was in dire need of a good angled brush and a foundation brush. In the end, I ended up liking it more than I intended to.

The set comes in a sleek-looking black case. The fabric of the case is shiny and waterproof to an extent, and it's closed together by a snap button. 

This was actually a little smaller than I thought it would be, but it really didn't matter to me. It's about 8 inches in length and 3.5 inches in width.

When unfolded, it reveals the five double-ended brushes securely strapped into the case with a thick, black garter. The case also had two fabric flaps to protect the brushes itself. All of the brushes are black and white, and the bristles themselves are a sort of ombre from black to white.

An added perk was there was a mini-storage in the biggest flap of the case. It's pretty convenient, and I often use it to house my to-go eye shadow quad and my face powder. It's also big enough to fit my K-Palette eyeliner in.

For some reason, the first strap from the right is detachable by velcro. I'm not actually sure why it's made that way, but meh. If it works, it works.

For the first brush, one end is a foundation brush and the other is a contour brush. The only comment I have with this one is that the contour brush is already frayed when it arrived, but no worries because only a few, countable strands were frayed.

The next brush has two densely packed bristles, but are of different sizes. The larger one works well with cream contour and highlight, while the smaller one works wonders with concealer in smaller areas of my face. I especially use it for my dark circles and the redness around my nose.

The third brush had a slightly wispy brush with a slanted tip at the end, and the other one is a pencil brush. The slightly wispy brush is great for blending, and the pencil brush really packs the color on my lids.

The fourth brush is an angled brush on one side, and a straight-edged dense brush on the other. The angled brush is useful for filling in my eyebrows, lining my eyes and making thin, precise lines, and the other end is useful for gel liner. I like to use it when filling up my waterline.

The last brush has a push liner brush on one end, and a lip brush on the other. I use the push liner brush to line my eyes as well, but it's not as precise as the angled brush. The lip brush is also good for gel eyeliner, but I use it for my lips more often.

Generally, these brushes feel soft and smooth on my skin, and it doesn't irritate my face at all. They pick up product quite well and they don't shed. Holding them doesn't feel awkward at all. It feels like I'm using an ordinary one-sided brush.

I think having double-ended brushes are convenient, because it's less bulky to bring around and it already has all the essential brushes for quick touch-ups. It's lightweight and has a convenient storage to store in some of your favorite makeup items, and when it's closed, it's not so obvious that it holds your beauty essentials.

Overall, I give this set a 5/5! I think all of these brushes are definitely worth the money, and for me, they really surpassed my expectations. I've had my fair share of disappointing brushes, but this set did not fail me at all.

Recommend? Of course! They are available at for Php349 (without shipping). They also sell a variety of different beauty essentials, along with stylish outfits and shoes that are worth a peek. I suggest you check them out!

Thank you for reading!
Bye bye~ :3
- Aki 

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