Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cosplay Community Sites

Ok, so some have been asking me, "Is there a social networking site for cosplayers?"

And here's the answer..


Yes, there is. Lots of them XD
Although Facebook is a good way to share your cosplay, get in touch with your friends (and photographers) and a place to join cosplay groups, there are social networking sites that are for cosplayers only.
Of course, there's deviantArt. It's a community for artists, photographers, models/cosplayers and enthusiasts. It's not mainly focused on cosplay, but a lot of cosplayers have dA accounts.

Screencap of my dA.

The ever so awesome Cure Cosplay, of course.

A screen capture of Cure Cosplay. (I'm logged in here.)
Cure not only hosts cosplayers, but non-cosplayers as well. Of course, more benefits and priveleges are given to cosplayer members. Famous cosplayers have their CureCos account too! :D Just ask for their 'Cure number'. It's kinda like a 6-digit ID number. Insert it at the URL and it leads you to their account. [ number)]
If there's a cosplayer you favor, you can add him/her as a friend or add him/her to your favorite cosplayers. You can also save characters to subscribe to them, and receive updates when a person uploads a cosplay of that certain character. Plus, albums here have settings like 'Cure members only', 'private', 'public', etc. Also, CureCos has fan clubs for each cosplayer. So if you wanna stalkjoin your favorite's fan club, you may do so.
For the more professional side, World Cosplay is here.
Screen cap of World Cosplay. (I'm logged in here also.)
World Cosplay is the more professional version of CureCos. Many famous cosplay personalities, like Kaname, Reika and Alodia, have WC accounts. Plus, World Cosplay ranks the cosplayers depending on their views and likes. They also rank the individual photos, tags and characters. You can follow your favorite cosplayers to subscribe to their photo uploads.
Of course, making an account in these sites are not requirements. Be warned, there are haters, spammers, posers and fakers too. 
But of course, these sites are awesome outlets to let other people across the globe see your cosplay photos. You get to meet a lot of different people and discover more and more about cosplay.
That's about it. :)
Thanks for reading~
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