Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Makeup Review: Etude House Kissful Tint Choux in #2 Pink Choux

I was randomly shopping for my Etude House Play 101 Pencils one day, when I had the fabulous idea of grabbing a new lip tint. Sadly, the tint I was planning to buy ran out of stock so I was desperately looking for a new lip tint and the kind, sweet saleslady pointed out to Kissful Tint Choux and told me that it's a great product.

Of course, I couldn't help but believe in ladies in pink. What harm could they do?
Kissful Tint Choux was available in four shades, and I had great difficulty in picking just one. I wanted a pink tint that was subtle when used sparingly, but buildable for more dramatic lip color looks. I chose #2 Pink Choux.

Looking back, #3 Strawberry Choux isn't that too bad of a shade too, but my lips are somewhat dark and the tint might not show up nicely.

The packaging is very pink and girly, and it's a pseudo-metallic tube with a screwable cap. It's lightweight and very easy to carry around, making it a plus for me who's always on the run.

I was partly surprised to see that this product had no applicator whatsoever on it. This was no problem for me, since I'll probably be using my favorite lip brush to apply this on my lips or simply use my finger to dab it on. A plus of this feature is that dispensing the product will be hygienic.

I didn't take a picture of this, but the cap has a tiny nub on the inside that fits perfectly with the opening of the tube. I figured this is to prevent the product from having a pink apocalypse inside your makeup bag even though it's squished.

When I first saw the formula itself, it was a bright pink with a gel-like consistency that made me go "oh no." I had no qualms with the color, but I thought that it was going to have a very sticky feel on my lips which is a big no for me because I talk a lot and I eat like a Spartan back from war.

To my surprise, it does not feel sticky at all when applied. In the second photo, I only used a small amount to tint my whole lips and I also used a lip brush for blending. The third photo shows my lips with even more amount of the tint, and I only used my fingers to dab it on.

The color comes out light and almost natural on the lips, but it's very buildable if you want a bolder color. Even though the consistency is quite thick, blending isn't a problem and this product is especially handy in creating gradient lip looks! It also leaves a bit of a glossy finish, which I absolutely love.

Please excuse my terrible skin and the terrible quality... I only used my phone's camera to take these photos.

The top photo shows how it looks like when it's applied thinly. I wore this to school and didn't touch it up at all. After twelve hours, the slight gloss was gone and the pinkish tint faded considerably. My lips still looked rosy, but it wasn't as noticeable.

I also like using this to create gradient lips for cosplay! I love using gradient lips because anime lips are usually so thin and delicate but I don't want to look emaciated by concealing my whole lips.

Color: 5/5 - I especially love the shade, and the other shades look tempting as well!
Quality: 5/5
Price: For Php278, this product is a steal! Incredible quality for an affordable price!
Repurchase? YES! I'd like to try out other shades available as well for this line.

What's your favorite lip tint?

Thank you for reading.

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