Monday, January 4, 2016

Still Lost: Ozine Fest AFS 2015

And here goes last year's end of the year event! Ozine was kind enough to organize the closing convention for 2015, giving everyone a chance to celebrate their inner geek before 2016 rolls in.
I, however, decided to stay simple and go with my Alice Liddell cosplay. I wanted the last event of the year to be more of fun and relaxing.
(Side note: I was supposed to wear my green contacts but they were all shriveled up when I opened them. ಥ﹏ಥ)

All photos in this blog was taken by Infinity Studios.

My brother surprisingly decided to not go with me to the event, so I need to give a huge hurrah to Infinity Studios for sticking out with me during the whole event. I had a lot of fun hanging out with them!

Anyways, the event area was pretty small for an Ozine event (in my opinion) and they had to open up an empty hall to fit all the attendees in without causing chaos to Megamall's regular shoppers.

Of course, Ozine events never forget to shed spotlight on figure collectors and enthusiasts in most of their hosted conventions. A lot of prized figures of many ACG characters were proudly displayed.

These might just be the most adorable you'll see
the physics-defying characters of KLK.

My favorite: for sculpting reasons.
We decided to walk around for a short while to check out the booths and shops present. They were selling all sorts of merchandise and cosplay needs - the perfect place to spend Christmas money on. (●≧ω≦)9

We turned the hall and saw throngs of people shopping.
I want the Batman one.
Okay you know what I want the WOLF88 one.
Special pillows for special needs.
To those who wanted to know where I bought this cap from, it's
from this particular shop. I can't remember the shop name, but they're
almost always present in conventions.
Short story: We ventured towards Keybie Cafe during our roaming and I was looking through the cute little chibi versions of popular anime characters, when the store owner happily told me that she had a Keybie of Alice Liddell. She also told me that if I take a photo with it, she'll give it to me for a discounted price. What reason do I have to refuse that offer?

After doing a bit of shopping and looking around, we decided to take some of my photos and videos. We had fun shooting near the stage, taking advantage of the stage spotlights, the dense crowd and a wall.

"Sorry, have you seen my white rabbit?"
Thanks to my Secretary for making this GIF possible.
Your goal is unclear but thanks anyway. 눈_눈

Here are some of the output!

After shooting, we sat down to take a breather and watched as the tarpaulin auctions was at full swing. Our eyeballs almost fell to the floor at the crazy amount of money people are willing to spend for tarpaulins of their favorite characters and 'waifus', but if it makes them happy, we won't object. d(⌒ー⌒)

Ozine's famous Maid Cafe!~
I've never had the chance to experience it, but Leny is my favorite maid.
She's an amazing blogger and we both love cute things!
Fan of Misa? Chihiro?
They look so adorable in their prints!
Much thanks to everyone whom I've met and hung our with during Ozine Fest! The last event of the year is always so memorable to me. Thanks for all your gifts and photos! And yes, I'll remember to stock up the coscards next time. (`・ω・´)b

Also! Don't forget to check out Infinity Studios' video coverage of the event. They featured a lot of amazing cosplayers so be sure to give it a peek - you might be there!

Again, a huge thanks to everyone and anyone who was there. I hope to see everyone again in 2016 events!

- Aki 

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