Monday, November 5, 2012

Wig Review: Vogue Royal Cosplay (Updated!)

My friend recommended to me this shop called Vogue Royal Cosplay, which sells high quality wigs. I decided to give it a try, and bought two wigs from them. :)

My first wig from them is my pink 100cm wig, and my second one is a purple 100cm wig.
Click here to see the reference photo for the purple wig.
Click here to see the reference photo for the pink wig.

Pink and purple :3
 VRC is a shop recommended to most cosplayers because their wigs are very much high quality for reasonable prices. Plus, they offer a free wig cap for every wig purchase. They also sell lolita dresses, accessories and shoes. Cosplayer heaven!

No flash.
With flash.
When I first saw the reference photo for the pink wig, I was afraid that the color would be too light. But when I received it, it was the perfect color that I was looking for! I was planning to use it on, like, 5-6 cosplays to maximize it. >.<


So I actually used my pink wig on my Luka cosplay. :) It's the perfect color and it's thick but soft to the touch~
Without flash
With flash
The lace cap.
I do recommend this one if you're cosplaying as Luka, Simca, Momoi, and the like. Since it's a light-colored wig, the cap underneath is skin-tone. 

When worn. Haha :D


I'm planning to use this on two characters, maybe three. :P Same as the pink one, thick wefts but soft and manageable.

With flash
Without flash
The inside~
The lace cap is black, because the wig is dark-colored ;) Can be used for Ririchiyo, Saeko Busujima, and other dark purple-haired characters.

This wig is shinier when it's taken with flash, maybe it's because of its dark color. Dark colors catch and reflect more light. For some reason, this wig is a bit wavy at the ends. Maybe it's because it was kinda squished during travel? :/

So, overall comments..
The lace cap underneath is kinda larger than usual, and it holds off most of my long hair pretty well. It has no tag, and two adjustable hooks. :D Doesn't fall off, even if I don't use bobby pins on it. Really stable and secure.
It kinda weighs down on my head, but that's probably because I'm such a small girl and the wig is really long. Can be tied to a ponytail and pigtails, easy to braid and style :D
It only gets tangled when you don't handle it carefully. And when it does get tangled, a run of your fingers through the strands will do the trick.
For both wigs, some strands on the underside are red. O.o For the pink one, I guess it's understandable. But for the purple one? O.O It's not really noticeable anyway, so I guess it's not such a big problem.
Quality: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5 (Received it in a net bag inside a ziploc. The free wig cap has its own mini-ziploc as well.)
Uniqueness: 3/5 (Its color is really accurate, and the cap really matches whether your wig is light or dark in color. But other than the color, I think it's pretty much the same with other wigs of this length and brand.)
Price: 5/5 (Bought each for Php950. Around $23. How's that for cheap and HQ. //wink)
Overall: 5/5 
Not only is it cheap, it's really high-quality. It's really manageable and easy to style, it doesn't get tangled easily and I love the colors. :D It's perfectly perfect.
Will you be buying from Vogue Royal Cosplay again?
YES! Definitely. It's a really good and trustworthy shop, and they really know how to handle customers. :D
And yes! I do recommend that you buy from this shop. You can browse their items for sale at their Facebook page.
Thanks for reading!~


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