Friday, March 8, 2013


So, little update..

Sorry for not blogging much. I was finishing my thesis writing and busy with school work. As you see, I'll be graduating this March :)

So I'll be attending Cherry Convention! ^_^

See more details of the event here:

And.. a little WIP..

I'll be wearing this on Cherry Con tomorrow! :D

Also, I'll be handing out my special edition coscards, starting with tomorrow's event.

Special Edition Tifa Lockhart coscards! :D
Back-to-back, featuring Sir Bernard Garbo's photo. :) This photo was also featured in :D

I'll be handing these out randomly, so watch out! ^_^

Also, I'll be featuring an awesomely awesome cosplayer this month.. wait for it! ;)

Thanks for reading~
♥ Aki
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