Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cherry Convention (Day 1, March 9, 2013)

First event of the year! :D Also, my best friend's birthday~

So.. event details here.

I arrived there in my costume and makeup, of course, to save time and the hassle of putting on everything in the tiny bathroom stalls.

In the car~
I cosplayed as Morgiana of Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic.

There were.. a few cosplayers in the event. Or few people in general. O.O Maybe it was set in the "exam season" and most of the peeps are cooped up studying. XD

Nevertheless, lots of awesome Dragon Nest cosplayers! :D

Also, Alodia Gosiengfiao was there to celebrate her birthday :) Yes, she shares her birthdate with my best friend.

Allyssa, wearing the wig that I gave her, and me :D
I gave my bestie a pink twintails wig. ^_^ For a future cosplay~ Guess who. ;)

John as Leon Kennedy :)
Dino! :D
Allyssa with a sweet-looking Asuna Yuuki. (SAO)
We were looking around the event, and I bought myself some cutie anime keychains. Then, the guys called up and invited us for karaoke in Time Zone. And before we left, a photographer asked me for a photo. After a little photo session, I was about to hand over a coscard when security guards suddenly pushed us out of the way.

I was really surprised, as they gave no warning whatsoever and then suddenly pushed me away like that. Then, turns out, they were clearing the way because Alodia was passing through.

I was so starstruck.

She smiled at me and gave me a short wave, and I stood there like the starstruck fan that I am. I gave a short bow and she passed on.

She looked so pretty in person! And yes, she's tall. O.O She was cosplaying as Irene from Dragon Nest.

So yeah. On to Time Zone!

Karaoke time! Photo (c) Lourd Simon
The guys sang a lot.. and then we had to leave because they only allowed 5 per stall and, well, we were more than 5.

Went outside to wait for parents and had a mini-shoot. :)

And on that day, the boys discovered what would happen if you angered Morgiana.

#1: Venjo
Punched in the arm and face.
#2: Louis
Con loot! :D

For P250, you already get lots of stuff. I only bought the two cute keychains, all the others are freebies.

Cool huh? :D

So, until the next event!
Thanks for reading~
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