Monday, April 15, 2013

Crystal Lens: Ula Blue Review

As I had mentioned from my Ozine Fest 2013 blog, I bought a new pair of lens from the Purpektion Shop during the event.

I don't have the reference photo :P Sorry.

So I first heard of Crystal Lens from one of the shops on Facebook. I got kinda curious, because some of their designs look a lot like GEO lens. (GEO lens, although a bit pricey nowadays, is famous for its quality)

So I decided to give it a go.
I bought a pair of Crystal Lens in Ula Blue, which resembled GEO's Nova Blue.

Specifications. :)

So my initial reaction was "OMG SO PALE?!?!"
Well, it looked pale to me. Plus it had a weird design. :P The rim was full of geometric shapes in different shades of light blue. It looked weird to me, compared to the other lenses that had a solid, vibrant pattern that runs through the frame, and dissolves gradually in the middle.
Compared to my 16mm Berry Dolly Red lenses.
But I thought that I should reserve my final judgement until I actually try them on. :P
So I let the lens soak in solution overnight, and tried them on in the morning.
With flash. One eye with, one eye without.
I was actually pretty surprised that they seemed noticeable despite their seemingly pale color. But to be honest, I don't understand the little geometric and uneven shapes on the lens XD But hey, it works pretty well, whatever their purpose is.
It's also noticeable, even in webcam photos.

It makes my eyes look slightly bigger than before, though not as eye-enlarging as my 16mm lens.
My brother said I looked like an American-Korean crossbreed. XD

My dad took a while to notice it. He said that it looked nice on me, and that I didn't need them to look pretty. Oh daddy :3
Not wearing any makeup, so pardon the skin. :P
Comfort: 5/5 - I have a pressing problem when it comes to contact lens, and that's because my eyelashes keep on snagging onto them when I put them on. But it fades after a while. So if you don't have long lashes like me, it shouldn't be trouble for you.
Design: 4/5 - Despite the weird design, the blue color stands out pretty well even if it seems pale at first. It's more of a subtle blue, so if you're going to use this for cosplay, I don't think it's going to stand out much. (Not suitable for Lightning Farron's eyes!!! Recommended for Luka/Rin though.)
Enlargement: 3/5 - It enlarges my eyes a little, though not really such a stand out. Again, it'll go full power once I use makeup with it. :)
Comments? :D
Thank you so much to Purpektion Shop for these contact lens! :)

That's all, thanks for reading~
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