Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day huh..

So I'll share about my Mom and cosplay.
They're like oil and water.

Mom isn't really such a big fan of anime, or games, or cosplay, or hot half-naked bishies who can cook. She's not really into what I'm into either.

In fact, she really doesn't like it! :O
She gets out of place at conventions, and spaces out when we talk about cosplay. She's not really the biggest fan.

BUT! She tolerates it. She doesn't flatly say that she's against it. Even though she doesn't like it, sometimes she lends a hand. For example, depositing my money when I buy online, visiting my dressmaker and stuff.
She also taught me a lot about contact lens, like safety and health measures. She even constantly reminds me to replace the solution, and about the expiry.

I love her! She's the best mom I can ever ask for.

I got most of my Chinese-ish features from my mom. Small eyes, fair complexion, puffy cheeks and small lips. (Got the nose from my dad)

I'm very thankful for her, for supporting me all the way.

So Happy Mother's Day to all supermoms out there! :3
Love your moms, kiddos, you're only gonna have one all your life.

Thanks for reading~
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