Friday, April 26, 2013

Megurine Luka Trial (Yuegene Fay Inspired)

So I've been feeling quite down lately..

So I decided to do something that makes me happy ^o^
Which is, of course, cosplay ♥

 Had a little trial/cos-trip in the house, specifically my room. :)

My pink wig is from Vogue Royal Cosplay, my blue lens are from Purpektion Shop :D

So, basically this makeup is inspired by Yuegene Fay, a famous cosplayer from Thailand. I SO LOVE YUEGENE ♥ So Yuegene's kinda like my inspiration in cosplay, most of my makeup skills (or lack thereof) are products of zooming in and staring at his/her photos. XD

Hi Fay :D
So I based my Luka makeup on Yuegene's Luki makeup.

I don't want to put my face beside Yuegene's because then it would be like setting up a chicken against a dinosaur.

So basically (from my study LOL) Yuegene likes to put on eye shadow that matches the character's dominant color. In this case, pink. Another is that he/she likes putting on sorta thick eyeliner, and lining the inner corners of his/her eyes and part of the bottom lash line. I can't line my inner corners (without looking stupid) because I'm a monolid~ So yeah, sorry for the messed up eyeliner because I was kinda hurrying it up. :P And sorry for the fail eyebrows, I only used eye shadow because I don't have pink eyeliner yet. Plus, I added pink blush~ :3

In case you don't know Yuegene posted all the cosmetics she used to achieve the Luki look (lookie look XD) here:

^ Yuegene Fay owns this!
As you can see, he/she used false eyelashes. But I didn't. :P Just plain ol' mascara.

I didn't contour my face, too. So.. I don't know. LOL~
Tutorial? :/ IDK.
Plus, no comments on Yuegene's gender.. whether a girl or a boy, I think it's irrelevant to makeup. XD
Comments/critiques are welcome ^_^
If you have any questions, comment box is open and free, it's not gonna bite.

Meet my Hello Kitty mirror!

It's my partner in all of the makeup/wig ventures at home XD It's my primary witness in all the makeup silliness. So, yeah, if it could talk, it's just gonna tell you how ugly I look without makeup and how uglier I look WITH makeup. :P Hihihi so cute~

That's all, thank you for reading~
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