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Makeup Review: Majolica Majorca Majolook Illuminator in BR799 (Voluptuous)

I've had sudden interest in Japanese makeup products lately, probably because a friend of mine pointed out that I have quite a lot of Korean-based products and teased me that I started to look like a Korean because of my makeup. I don't know why that piqued my interest to branch out to Japanese brands, maybe because I want to look Japanese for a change? (Kidding!)

Anyways, during the Great Northern Sale in SM North Edsa, I was fortunate enough to take part in the first hour sale promo wherein they add an additional 10% discount to the initial discount price of whatever item you buy. So for example, if you buy a product with 20% discount, you can get it for 30% discount as long as you pay within the first hour of the sale.

I took it as a chance to buy Majolica Majorca's Majolook Illuminator eye shadow quad in BR799 or Voluptuous (as the site labels). I've been eyeing Majolica Majorca as a brand for a while now, especially with good reviews of their eye makeup products and whimsical packaging that is sure to lure in the sucker for elaborate designs like me.

The quad comes in a transparent box that clearly shows off the gorgeous product inside. Much like the other Majolica Majorca products, the designs are beautifully printed in gold and silver, making it look like Cinderella uses this quad on her eyes every day.

This originally costs Php 795, but I got it for 20% off so I paid Php636 for it.

It also comes with a little instructional paper containing all of the ingredients and how to apply. The eye shadows themselves have no names but in the instructions, it says to apply Glitter (A) in the inner corners of the eyes so it must be the lightest shade in the quad.

Please ignore the little dent on the illuminator base, that was caused by my super long fingernails when I first opened the quad at home. (ToT)ゞ

First, let's talk about the applicator in comes in with. I don't usually dig the sponge applicators that generically comes with every single eye shadow palette I get, but this one is different. The sponge feels more compact but smooth, and one end is thinner than the other, making it useful for varying purposes. I feel that even though I won't use it as much, it's a great touch-up tool on the go as it packs on good color and blends well.

The Illuminator base is a glittery and creamy bright white cream eye shadow base. It has a beautiful overspray of design similar to the ones on the casing, but it wears off once you start using and denting the product. It doesn't affect the color at all, in my opinion.

Glitter (A) looks very pink in the pan but once applied, it looks off-white and reflects both pinks and golds, which I think would flatter both cool and warm undertones. How shimmery  and opaque it looks depend on how much product you pick up, and honestly this is my favorite color in the quad. It brightens up the look instantly, but I find that this shadow has the most amount of fallout (using the sponge applicator lessens it).

The second shade is a cool-toned shimmery taupe which has more of a gray undertone. It reflects silvery in some lights and applies quite well, almost buttery without any fallout at all. This is the perfect mid-shade for me as it's not too dark and not too light, and the glitter particles here are smaller compared to glitter (A).

The third shade is also a cool-toned chocolate brown in the pan, but becomes something more of an ashy brown when applied. I find that this is most useful as a contour shade for the eyes, and it's also buildable for a nice, brown smoky look. This has shimmers in it as well, but it has the least amount of shimmer compared to the other two shades.

Without flash -- with flash
Both without primer or base underneath
The illuminator base is the one with the least pigment in this quad, which makes it a really nice base for all of the eye shadows it comes with. It does help give the colors some more shimmer, but the pigmentation stays the same. This doesn't crease nor fade either, so I think this is a must if you plan to use the shadows in this quad.

All of the eye shadows apply beautifully pigmented, and they're all buildable if you want more color into your look. They all blend and work well with each other, making this a really good all-in-one product. Although all of these shadows have glitter and sparkle in them, so if you're more into mattes this is not the quad for you.

I used the middle shade all over my lid as a wash of color, the darkest brown to contour the outer corners of my eyes and the outer half of my lower lash line, and the pink glitter as an inner corner highlight. In the middle of my lower lash line (underneath my pupil), I applied a pink glittery pencil (Play 101 Pencil #43) before putting on the eye shadow and it made the color look brighter. This is pretty useful for people who want that cute 'namidabukuro' or 'aegyo sal' effect.

  • Pigmented and shimmery without being too dramatic
  • Does not crease nor fade, especially when used with the illuminator base
  • Useful sponge applicator
  • Perfectly sized for travel with a sturdy plastic case
  • Somewhat expensive (that's why I waited for a sale to get it)
  • Glitter (A) has some fallout
  • The glitters tend to scatter when removed

Quality: 5/5
Price: 4/5
Packaging: 5/5
Repurchase? Yes, I would! It's a little more on the expensive side, but the different textures of shimmer and color payoff makes me want to try out the other Majolica Majorca eye shadows.
Have you tried Majolica Majorca's products? Which are the ones you like the most?

Thanks for reading! ☆d(o⌒∇⌒o)b ★

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