Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tutorial: Morgiana's Medallion

Character: Morgiana
Item: Medallion
Time spent: 2 hours

Before making anything else, you must ALWAYS have your reference photo.

The clearest photo I could find.
I was actually thinking of commissioning Zeek to make this medallion, but I wanted to make my own stuff. So, this is a start.

On to materials!

A breakdown of what I used. I forgot to include adhesive here.
  • Scissors/cutter
  • Rubber sheets
  • Pencil
  • Adhesive (I used Greco)
  • Acrylic emulsion
  • Gold paint
  • Cord/yarn

I first drew on and cut out the base plate. The cord will go through the little semi-circle on the top once I cut a hole out of it.

I re-traced the base and made a sort of outline for the rim.

And this pretty much explains how I added the rest.
I used a ring as reference for the circle of the fan blades thingy. Then, I drew some long triangles on the side. For the strips, I stuck them on the base in upright position to make them easier to bend.
Don't forget to smooth out the edges! That's my little bro with the bottle of  Greco.
Rubber sheets tend to sip in the paint when applied directly, so I used acrylic emulsion to seal off the rubber. I used about three or four layers of emulsion.
After letting the emulsion dry, I coated it with three layers of gold paint. Dried it out, and added the black cord. (I do recommend yarn, as I imagine that in the Magi era that's what they used instead of neatly braided cord.)
Sorry for the webcam photo. But here it is, painted and dried.

Morgiana! Photo (c) Gil Urrea

Thank you for reading, hope I helped! :)
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