Friday, September 20, 2013

Crystal Lens: Nimbus Violet Review

I've wanted a violet pair for a really long while now.

So I bought this baby last Best of Anime from the Purpektion Shop. This is the second time I bought contact lenses from them, and this is also my second time trying this brand out.

Product photo~

Some actual photos. In the product photo, it looked more like a darkish blue, but in real life it really is a vibrant purple. The design kinda reminds me of a hurricane (maybe that's why it's called 'Nimbus'?)


I honestly thought that this wouldn't look very visible once you put them on, since I have very dark eyes.

I liked the black accents on the lenses. It makes it more natural and less freaky.

What I loved about these pair is that they're really vibrant and noticeable! Even with bad lighting, they still stand out. It didn't look freaky or weird on me, even though I wasn't wearing any makeup at all. It's a great buy, in my opinion :D

It opens up my eyes a little more, but not really very enlarging. I guess, it's a good thing because it will look more natural and you'll need lesser makeup if you want your eyes to match the lenses well. 

Bad lighting, turned away from the natural light in my room.

This photo wasn't edited in any way. I turned away from the light in my room and took a photo, and the color of the lens still showed up nicely. I like how it's like a fading sort of violet rather than the solid color kind.

Comfort: 5/5
Design: 5/5 - It's natural, but still noticeable. Plus, it doesn't look freakish even if you don't wear makeup.
Enlargement: 3/5 - It really just opens my eyes up a little, not much on the enlargement.
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