Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fantasy Quest 3: Day 2 (Event Proper)

Let's rock and roll.

Moi :D
I cosplayed as Chizuru Yukimura, Bakumatsumusouroku version. It's a mouthful, I know.

And I kinda killed my brother.
Swordfight with my Dad..
..and with my Mom. Dad Photobomb! :D
So, we headed to the event..
I don't have much photos because a lot of people were asking for photoshoots with me. //flattered
Met up with Daniex, and met some new friends. :D We roamed around, chatted with friends, looked for people, exchanged coscards and all that jazz. It was tiring, but SUPER fun.

Now sharing some photos with peoples :D
With Naruki-san! :D
With Reize! :D
With ZEAs! :D (guest from Thailand)
Another photo with Naoya! :D (guest from Singapore)
I can't help it, he's so handsome >w<
With Phin! :D (guest from Indonesia)
Hihi :3 A little story of Naoya:
We actually knew each other in deviantArt, and I was pretty surprised that he would be going. To be honest, I don't think he remembered or recognized me but it was fine. At least I had the chance to see him in person again :D

I first encountered Naoya in Fantasy Quest II: The Saga Continues last year.

He cosplayed as Natsuki Shinomiya ^_^
When he was near the Coscard Wall, I asked for a photo with him. But he politely declined, saying that he was on his way to a photoshoot and that we should take a photo later when they're done. So I agreed and he apologized :) It's okay, anyway. I understand :D
Then a half-hour later, our group happened to bump into him when we left the baggage counter. Then he remembered me, and asked if I still wanted a photo. Cue girly squeal because Naoya remembered me~ >w< Kyaaaa~!

Phin was a really nice person :D She wasn't able to bring coscards during the first day, but she promised to bring some on the event proper. After asking for a photo, I asked if we could exchange and she happily obliged. :3

Naoya during the Cosplay Catwalk
It was one of my fangirl dreams to see ZEAs in person, because she is honestly one hell of a cosplayer. You must absolutely check her awesome works out. So when it was her turn on the catwalk, I told my brother "QUICK! Take a photo!" But alas, the photo was incredibly blurry and I almost strangled my own brother.

Sorry for the crappy photo, but it IS a photo of my first dance EVER. ;) Izanagi, whom I've just met that day, was really happy about my Chizuru cosplay. And when we went to the stage area for the grand ball, she asked me for a dance. Hihihi :3 We really didn't know the song, but it was nice and easy to move along to. Then, Reishi asked me for a dance. She originally wanted to dance with me and my brother, but my brother kinda used misdirection and averted our attention elsewhere. =))

The ball was pretty amazing, with AniBeat Rocks! serenading us yet again. It was fun, seeing so many people on the dance floor and a LOT of couples as well. :3 It was really heart-melting, seeing my real-life OTP dance the night away~ (coughTouyaShincough)

Con loot!
Thanks to everyone whom I've met and hung out with that day. So much feels *w*

And, I appear in this awesome video by Drinzster Studio! :D I show up around 2:55.

Also, I appear in this video taken by Ralph PiƱon :D

Many thanks to all the people who made my Fantasy Quest 3 experience a million times better! Until the next event :D

Bye bye :3
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