Monday, March 24, 2014

Updates + Events to Attend + New Piercings

Yay, summer!

It's summer break here in the Philippines already, so I have four months to burn before I hit the books yet again. I've been busy, preparing a lot of things and I also plan to get back to working out this summer. (Coca-cola figure, here I come!)

First off, I will be attending Ozine Fest 2014 on the third day~

Here are some details about the event.

Another chance to meet Aza! //squee
I am still deciding on whether to join the cosplay competition or not. *Q* Should I?

Now, cosplay updates! :) I did a trial last weekend.

And here's a comparison of the eyes... I'm not gonna tell who I'm going as yet. If you know who, then please be a sport and let's keep it secret~

I hope I can pull it off. //nervous

And I finally crossed off one item in my summer checklist~ I had my ears pierced last Sunday~

Bad quality webcam photos, yeah...
It hurt a lot for the first fifteen minutes or so, and I still can't sleep on my side because it's gonna hurt even more. I have a two-week recovery period for this before I can replace the pierces with earrings of my own preference~
My dad almost had a heart attack about this, haha :D

That's it for this blog post~
Will you guys attend Ozine Fest as well? Let me know! ^_^

Bye bye :3

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