Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Turning Legal [1/2]

Two more years before I'm ordinary.

But until then, I've decided I'll be a little less ordinary. I just turned 18 this year, and I have to say, the past 18 years have been a blast. 
*Reposting or sharing of my photos without my permission is STEALING.

Of course, my mother spared no expense in making my debut celebration no less than special. We were on a tight budget (still are), but that didn't stop us from making my birthday memorable.

As you might know, I had a pre-debut photoshoot courtesy of BA Studios. It was actually a part of the package we availed from them, and about a month before the debut, we had a private photo session in their studio.

Here are some of the photos:

I was in there for six hours, and I felt dead tired from all the posing. I realized that being a model isn't as easy as I thought it would be.

I must say, preparing your own birthday celebration is not easy, NOT easy at all. It took us about six months to prepare the whole celebration. Tiring, but fun nevertheless.

My mom is an amazing craftswoman. She's very artistic, and she insisted that she makes the decorations and souvenirs herself. I, of course, helped her along the way as we pooled our ideas.

Can you guess what the theme of my debut was?
It was months of going back and forth to Divisoria just to get cheap materials, for dress fittings and shoe-hunting. Like I said, not easy but fun all the way. 

August 1
I don't want to open up this day with a boring statement, but I will. I had to go to class on my birthday but hey, TGIF!

As soon as I went to the university, I was greeted by a sweet surprise from my blockmate in the guise of a beautiful slice of red velvet cake.

One of the highlights of my birthday was being greeted by the ID machine as I entered my building. It's a little tradition in our university that on your birthday, the machine will greet you after you swipe in your ID. Here's a little video of it.

I'm kinda weird but it instantly brightened up my day.

Moving along, after my classes, it was warm enough for a cool treat so I brought a few friends over to McDonald's and bought them a Coke Float each.

As you can probably see from their wacky faces, they were pretty satisfied.
As the birthday girl, I deserve a narcissistic solo shot on my birthday as well.

We stopped by the church in our university with my family to say a short prayer of thanks for my birthday before heading to Dangwa to buy flowers for my debut. See how majestic my university is? Huge old buildings, a church, a hospital and a mini-mall. You can practically live in there.

After picking up the flowers, which resulted into me smelling like roses for the rest of the day, we headed to good ol Shakey's for a birthday dinner. Why did I choose Shakey's? Well...

It was because everything they serve could actually be flagged as food porn. As you may know, I am a passionate lover of pasta and pizza, and Shakey's is one of my favorite places to go for a bite. 

Anyways, we had some last-minute preparations and final checks for the debut celebration before crashing. Mom insisted that I need to get my beauty sleep, but I was so anxious and nervous about the debut. I went to sleep at 11:30pm, because I realized that I shouldn't have eyebags on one of the most important days of my life.

Part 2 over here.

Thank you for reading.
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