Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Turning Legal [2/2]

Turning 18 has never been this stressful.
*Reposting photos without my permission is STEALING.

I, as usual, woke up at 10am and ate through my breakfast as fast as I could. I had to bathe and prepare because the stylist would be there shortly after lunch, and of course, I had to be ready. My mom and dad went to the venue early to get the decorations and final adjustments going, while I was being pampered despite the nerves.
I felt a little bit stressed because the photo-video service arrived late and as a result, we were a little bit cramped on time to get proper photos of the preparations. I started to feel anxiety choking up on my throat, but my younger brother reminded me to calm down and enjoy my special day.

Despite being jittery and nervous, we hopped on for a ride to the venue.

The place looked exactly like how I wanted it to be. Of course, mom knows best. She made everything perfectly in-sync with my preferred theme, which is 'Alice in Wonderland'.

Why 'Alice in Wonderland'? I chose this theme because I absolutely loved the book and the movie, I loved the game adaptation (Alice: Madness Returns) and I really like the concept of it. My blog name is also appropriately themed and I could just see how my debut could be like my own Underland.
Each table was marked with these adorable card soldiers, made by F2 Graphics.
My birthday cake was wonderfully made as well.
 One of the commonly asked questions I get is: "What did your debut gown/dress look like?"

Photo with friends from my university!
I had the videos and photos of my pre-debut photoshoot shown, as well as my photos as I grew through the years.

My dad and I as we watched the video presentation.
Of course, no celebration is complete without the glorious eats.
Instead of having the traditional sort of eighteen candles where eighteen ladies make a wish for me, my mom made a list of eighteen things I believe in--a reference to the six impossible things Alice believed in before breakfast.
After the eighteen candles, I changed into another outfit.
I was hesitant to have this gown made, because I was afraid that the color wouldn't turn out the way I wanted it to be. But when I saw the final output, I immediately fell in love with the colors and how my planned design was executed. It was gorgeous, I loved it so much.

Obligatory 'we-are-family' photo.
An interesting little fact, a friend of mine asked me "what if your friends planned a surprise for you on your debut?"
I answered: "They won't. I know them well, they'll be too busy to do it."
Unfortunately, I was wrong. My friends, including my friends from the university, prepared video messages for me and I was so shocked when they suddenly asked me to sit down and they announced that they had a surprise for me.
I was so shocked, but seeing all those heartfelt messages they (sneakily) put together for me, I could feel my heart melt into mush. You guys are the best.
After that, we had the traditional cotillion dance.
Also, I had the traditional eighteen roses but instead of a slow waltz, we danced to more modern songs which I have previously danced to from my childhood to the day and some tunes that I absolutely loved.
My brother and I, dancing Treasure by Bruno Mars.
As I changed into another outfit for my performance, Arcadia String Ensemble performed some of my favorite songs. My younger cousin is a member of this group, and they all play the violin extremely well at a young age.
Before I hit center stage, the boys performed 'Blurred Lines'.
They all abandoned their dignity for this.
If you don't know, I am a true dancer at heart. I can sing, but I can only sing off-key. Of course, the ladies had some show time in the spotlight as well.

My mom and dad also had a little speech to thank the everyone for their attendance before I changed into my final outfit. (A lot of outfit changes, I know. I got the idea from the movie.)
Again, I don't think I know my friends well because I had another surprise waiting for me in the form of a giant Hello Kitty plushie.
I freaking love Hello Kitty, whatever she is.
Let me close off this debut celebration with a big thank you to everyone who contributed to and attended my debut celebration. You all mean so much to me and my birthday would not be as happy and special without you.

Writing this blog entry really had me smiling. I really enjoyed and had fun and I can really say that my debut was a great success. Despite the challenges, we all made it through and I'm really happy for that.
I received a lot of gifts from my family and friends, and let me just take this moment to say a big thank you to everyone for your generosity.
I also bought myself a little gift that I've had my eyes on for the longest time: an Instax Mini 25.

I cannot express into words how grateful I am for my family and my friends who guided and supported me for the past eighteen years. I am now a woman (still no driver's license, though) and I will continue to do my best and strive for my goals in the future.

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