Thursday, August 15, 2013

Makeup Review: Dear Darling Tint in 01 Berry Red from Etude House (Birthday Spoil 1/2)

Girls be spoiling themselves. LOL~
Okay, so first off, if you didn't read THIS post, you wouldn't be able to understand what I'm saying here. :P

It's my freaking birthday, I'll do what I want. XD So with (a little part of) my birthday money, I bought a couple of stuff for my future cosplay.

It's make up, guys. Come on.

On my brother's birthday (August 10, 2013), we went to SM Megamall to celebrate. I took it as a chance to upgrade my arsenal a little, because I'm running terribly low on the good quality stuff.

First, I bought Etude House's Dear Darling Tint in 01 Berry Red.

Product photo.
Actual photo.
As you can see, it looks pretty much exactly like the product photo. It's even bigger than I thought. The color of the tint itself looks even lighter.

This product comes in three colors, by the way. I chose this one because I prefer pink/magenta colors for the lips, rather than the daring red or natural orange. It has a more youthful feel to it o(^・x・^)w

Some close-ups :3
 Etude House was kind enough to print the manufacturing date. It said 20130320. March 20, 2013~

The brush/applicator.

The applicator is attached to the cap. It actually feels soft on the lips, very easy to use. I've had a bad experience with one of my mom's lip gloss applicator, it was kinda rough and it felt itchy. Meh. :P The wand itself is long short enough for better precision (and it reaches to the bottom of the bottle so that you can maximize the tint. Score!)

I tested a little on my hand first to see the actual color.

 It's definitely a lighter pink than the product photo. 

Now, for the actual trial!

It's a nice-looking shade.. I guess I could say it kind of looks natural. Not too bright, but the color's still visible. It doesn't dry that easily. If you want a much more pinkish color, I suggest putting on two or more layers. For me, I'm satisfied with one swipe of it~

I also tried using it on my cheeks :D

Crappy webcam photos are crappy. I put in about two layers of the tint on both of my cheeks, and it showed up nicely. It looks naturally blended in, unlike powder blush which has a sort of artificial look to it.

Smell: 4/5 - It has a berry kind of smell to it. :3
Taste: 3/5 - It's bitter! Bleh. :P 
Color: 4/5 - I expected it to be more vibrant, but I guess this works well. It has a nice hue to it. It's not shimmery or glossy, but I guess you can use sheer lip gloss if you want.
Quality: 5/5 - Etude House is true to the rumors of good quality. This tint is long lasting, it lasts for about three or four hours. It dries on and stays on your lips, even when you eat or drink. What I like about this is that it feels comfortable on your lips. It's not like lipstick where you can't talk or eat much because your lips might crack and you'll ruin your makeup. As for using it on the cheeks, it looks a lot more natural than powder. It also stays on pretty long, and even longer if you use face primer. It's perfect for everyday use. :D
Price: 5/5 - I bought it at Php228. (Around $5.23) I think it's a pretty good catch, considering its quality. And unlike the cheap knockoffs I find in bazaars, the bottle is full of the tint and you'll only need a little to show some color. I think it's worth it! :D

Overall: 5/5 - Love love love it! :D
Repurchase? Yes, I probably will! :D I think I'd prefer this over lipstick. It'll look more natural and it's much more comfortable to use.

Sankyuu for reading :D Bye bye~

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