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QT Lens: Hanabi Gold Review + GWYSHOP review

I have no idea why people suddenly turn to me for  their cosplay or beauty-related questions like I'm sort of help desk (which I don't mind at all). But for this week, my Secretary and I were going crazy over a lot of questions being sent into my messages and most of them were questions that were concerned with makeup and contact lenses.

Which is why I have decided to finally write-up a review of a pair of lenses that I bought from GWYSHOP some time ago. A lot of people have been asking what lenses I use for my Kisshou/Benio cosplay, and I get a lot of comments saying that the EOS Blytheye Brown I previously recommended is always so expensive or hard to find. 

That's why when that pair of mine expired, I was again on a quest to find contact lenses that are gold and bright but not too yellow that I look like a snake while wearing it.

I managed to stumble upon GWYSHOP's website, which I will talk about later when I review GWYSHOP's service, and immediately scourged through the gold lens they had available. I found QT Hanabi Gold, which has a very similar design with my Crystal Nimbus Violet lens. I thought of giving it a go, since I loved my Nimbus Violet pair so much.

This pair costs Php450.

I must say that QT lenses have the cutest design on the bottle compared to the other ones that I have. The packaging is straightforward and simple in the mutilation-inducing-when-not-handled-correctly vial. Nothing special.

From the first look from within the vial, the lenses look really opaque and vibrant.

Now here's what confuses me. In the bottle, the description is:

Diameter: 14.8 mm
Base curve: 8.70

However, on the website, it says: 

Diameter: 14.2/14.5/14.8 mm
Range: o.oo to -10.00
Base curve: 8.60
Water content: 40%

I'm not actually sure what the diameter of these lenses are, but I think I can pretty much vouch that it is 14.8 mm or 15 mm. I don't actually measure my lenses' diameter, but from my 'guesstimate', it's within those values.

Let's give this pair a go, shall we?

Top: Without flash
Bottom: With flash (pardon the un-blended undereye concealer)
QT Hanabi Gold is straight-up opaque and vibrant gold on my eyes. What you see on the website is what you get, except that in the product photo, the lenses look a little bit more yellowish than gold.

When used with flash, however, this pair looks yellow, but not in a creepy way. The design is really what helps this pair look less scary and dramatic, and the limbal ring makes my eyes look more animated and doll-like.

Let's talk enlargement. Without a doubt, this pair does make my eyes look bigger and the vibrant color helps to punctuate the size even more. However, I am not too sure if you can wear this without makeup because it might make your eyes seem to unnatural and almost alien-like. Mascara and eyeliner should go a long way.

Left: In good lighting
Right: In bad lighting
Even in bad lighting, the colors of these lenses stay true and gold. Since the lenses are really opaque, there is no halo effect visible.

I didn't take a photo of it, but the vial's sticker had 'BEAUTY WITH COMFORT' written for it-and yes, that it true. This pair of lenses are decent when it comes to the effect that I am going for (which is bright, big, gold eyes without looking scary) and they really are comfortable despite their size. They hold nicely for up to 4-5 hours, and only after that will I ever need solution.

My beautiful Victorian ring is from ShopThisEasy.

Comfort: 5/5
Design: 5/5
Enlargement: 4/5


If you're an active cosplayer in the Philippines, you might as well have heard of GWYSHOP floating around in the internet or in cosplay conventions, where they sell all sorts of cosplay goodies. They sell wigs, contact lenses, makeup, even kawaii outfit items that J-fashion savvy people will absolutely love.

They do have a Facebook page, which I have communicated with during my transaction because stupid me had a wrong input when I was ordering. They fixed it up really fast and clarified my order and told me that I could now pay for my items.

I do recommend that you order from their official website because not only is there website adorable, but everything is organized, neat and newbie-friendly. It's a no-brainer to navigate yourself around the website and to search what you really are looking for.

GWYSHOP is also very good in classifying all sorts of items they sell, especially the contact lenses. They can be organized by their size, their brand, their color, etc. They also have a separate section for lens care and wig care.

Not only does this shop offer on-hand items, but they also pre-order contact lenses and wigs (which you can easily find in the website). I find that ordering through their website is a lot easier than scrolling your way through a ton of Facebook photo albums.

When it comes to their onsite selling at conventions, you can't really miss this shop. Everything they have on display is so cute and enticing that I always find myself browsing through their booth for affordable and quality finds. Do check their booth out once you spot them in conventions!

YES, I do recommend that you give this shop a peek and YES, I would buy from their shop again.

Again, they are on Facebook and here is their official website.

Thanks for reading! ^o^

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