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Wig Review: GhostCos

It's been a while since I've made a wig review, and frankly, I hope that I still haven't lost my touch. This review was also highly requested from my social media, and although it is quite late, here I am.

It was actually late December when I first cosplayed Galaco, and months of planning for it really stressed me out. First of all, because of her wig. Galaco's hair is split into two colors, which is blonde and brown. She sports full bangs that has different colored streaks and her hair is super long.

I have previously considered buying the Galaco wig offered by Fantasy Sheep, but the price was too much for my miniscule budget and the streaks on the bangs did not appeal to me at all. I started to think that I can just buy a blonde wig and dye it by myself, but I didn't have the skill to do so.

Thankfully, GhostCos released their own take on Galaco's multi-colored hair.

Photos are from GhostCos. You can check them here.
I didn't even think twice about getting this wig. As usual, this was ordered from Denzuke's Emporium, whose services remain to be the best. This wig costs Php1500 ($34.04).

The wig came in pretty good condition, packed snugly into a Ziploc with a cardboard frame to make sure the wig was in good shape.

Here's how the wig looked right after I pulled it out and immediately placed it on my wig stand. It's super long, the strands are wavy and it was slightly tangled because of travel. The bangs were a mess of color, and the wig looked like it needed some love.

L: Without flash
R: With flash
After patiently combing and detangling the wig, I separated the strands of the bangs into the right colors. I love how I didn't have to style this wig much, because it already looks perfect as it is. There was no need for ironing, and the fringe's length was perfect for my face. I only needed some slight trimming around the sides of the fringe for better face-framing.

Compared to GhostCos' provided photo, it looks pretty much the same. The colors are completely identical, and the slight shine it showed in the photo was evident. I actually liked how slightly shiny the wig was because it added dimension to the hair effortlessly. I also liked how the red part of the fringe was red-orange, unlike how Fantasy Sheep made it pink. I also noticed that in GhostCos' photos, the blue part was completely cut straight but when it comes to the wig I received, there were longer blue strands.

Separating the bangs into their proper colors was such a chore. It took me weeks to get the style I wanted, and I really wasn't completely satisfied, but I decided that this had to do. I couldn't get the 'clear cut' between the red, blue and yellow because the red strands tend to show up everywhere.

This wig is midway between thick and thin. It's thick enough to conceal the cap underneath, but it's not as thick as my Lucaille wigs.

When it comes to shedding, I find this wig a little queer. The brown half sheds much more than the blonde half does, but the brown half still looks thicker than the blonde.

The yellow strands were also a problem because they like to mix in with the brown part so much. It was difficult to keep them in place. Even though I used hair pins to separate the colors, there are still some strands that wanders off and it drives me crazy.

Unlike Lucaille, GhostCos didn't have any permanently-sewn tag inside the wig.

Since this wig is 120cm long (the standard length of long, clip-on wigs like Hatsune Miku's), the ends tend to get frizzy a lot. It doesn't help that the strands are somewhat rough to the touch, and it makes for very stressful de-tangling. Thankfully, this wig doesn't get tangled easily, and it's easy to tie into braids for easy storage despite its length.

The wig reaches beyond my hips, about a few inches from my thighs. It's really long, but it doesn't feel very heavy on my head.

(c) Infinity Studios
Quality: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5 - The cardboard in the bag actually helps a lot. If I remove it, the wig gets too squished and it the strands bend out of shape.
Uniqueness: 5/5 - I think Galaco's unique hair speaks for itself.
Price: 5/5 - The price really burnt a hole through my measly wealth, but every bit of that Php1500 was super worth it.

I hope this review was helpful. Thank you for reading!

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