Sunday, November 29, 2015

Makeup Review: Berrisom Oops! My Lip Tint pack in Sexy Red

I love lip tints. I don't like them - I love them. Ever since the trend of gradient/just bitten/Popsicle stained lips started making its rounds through the beauty circle here in the Philippines, popularized by Korean female idols and actresses, I simply fell in love.
As a young girl, I hated lipstick. I didn't like how high-maintenance lipstick was, and my earliest memories of lipstick were mostly not being able to talk or eat for hours until the party is over. Not cool.

What a blessing this video was, to allow me to see a different kind of lip tint that was making its own trend here in Asia. In the video, Korean idols Hyun-Young and Ji-sook talk about different products for achieving those alluring red lips, and Berrisom's Oops! My Lip Tint Pack caught my eye immediately with its unique application and stunning color payoff.

Getting my hands on one wasn't easy, but I found it sitting in Empire Fashion Cafe and I could not resist getting one. I took the shade Sexy Red, since I wanted a break from the pink, peach, red and orange lip tints for a while.

It costs Php400 and it may seem expensive for some, I think that it's great quality for what you paid for. *spoilers*

The packaging is simple and straightforward. It's a plastic tube with 15mL of product, and the applicator is just a slanted tip. It's useful for spreading and applying the product evenly on your lips, but if you still can't get the hang of it, using disposable lip brushes will probably help you sort it out.

Basically, you first apply the thick, viscous product all over your lips (make sure to not go over your natural lip lines) and let it set for at least five minutes. The product was really nice... and scary at first because the color was so dark and vampy and it honestly intimidated me. But after five minutes, I peeled it off, House of Wax-esque, to reveal the most beautiful berry-burgundy shade on my lips.

I have to say that getting the product evenly on your lips is not easy. But the trick to get it nice and even is to do the lip lines first, make sure they're sharp and clean before getting the inner parts and filling in the rest of the lips. I just find it easier to apply that way.

Also, I don't find that the amount of product on your lips do not affect the color that much. It's just that when I apply a thinner layer, it's much more difficult to peel it off. Of course, it follows that the more product you apply, the longer you wait for it to completely dry.

More tips for application: wipe your lips clean with a dry tissue paper before applying this. This works best when your lips are completely bare. After peeling it off, you can choose to apply lip balm, gloss or liner over it to suit your style. If you use a product before applying this, the color won't be as vibrant and it won't stay as long. While it's drying, try not to touch it or to not let your lips touch until it completely sets.

Berrisom promised 12 hours of wear on this product, and by golly, they must be right. I wore this for a night out at the mall with my family, and we ate at Tokyo Tokyo (where I ate a LOT) and only faded very very slightly on the inside of my lips, but other than that it lasts through food and drink. At the end of the day, it was still a vibrant burgundy.

I loved it so much that I also bought one in Pure Pink, and that one was a very pretty color too. It's a soft, rosy pink and I used it for my Galaco NEO and Nico cosplay. It's not a very vibrant color when I apply it thinly, but I find it best for soft looks.

Of course, I wouldn't recommend this lip tint if you're looking for one that you can just throw on and run. This isn't the kind of lip tint that you can also use as blush too, so if you're looking for those kinds of products, this won't sell to you.


  • Lasts. All. Day.
  • Good selection of colors
  • Exfoliates your lips
  • Can be easily removed with makeup wipes

  • Not that easy to apply evenly
  • For some, waiting is not an option

Color: 5/5 
Quality: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Repurchase? I will buy this for as long as I live. It's seriously that good. Definitely a holy grail lip tint. I want to try out the other colors as well! I hope I can find sellers that carry the Berrisom set. Let me know if you know someone!
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