Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ozine Fest: Anime Figure Special 2013 Day 2 (December 29, 2013)

Last event for 2013! :)

Sorry for the late blog post. Damn, this event was last year.
Okay, enough New Year jokes. 

Photo by Kevin John Palmiano

I cosplayed as Shirakiin Ririchiyo of Inu x Boku SS :)
Prepared at home, and thankfully, there wasn't traffic on the way.

With my John-neechan~ Photo by Lourd Simon.
I met up with John and Lourd and gave them their (late) Christmas gifts before roaming around the event area. As usual, the place was PACKED! There were a lot of people, and the area was jam-packed with people.

Then, I met up with my Miketsukami-kun~

With Neko~
We had a photoshoot in the parking lot before roaming around and meeting people~
Then my awesome bro, #MarMaurer (Yes, that's how it is) gave me pizza~
Because PIZZA! :D


Sougo-kun is trying to take Riri from Mikemike~ :3
With Liui Aquino at the Authority Hoodie booth :D
Sorry for the bad lighting, but I really can't pass this up.
John Rey as Sebastian~

The thing was, I'm kinda impressed with how security handled the crowd this time. They were much more polite, they didn't yell at us anymore and they ditched the metal-fenced barricade. They even opened Hall 2 as an open area.

Still, some were still rude. They even said that we can't change clothes in the restroom. (Which made me think, where should we change clothes? In public?) And I heard some people say that they were shooed away from the food court. (We can't eat?) I hope Megamall would please take into consideration that even if we look like dolls, we are not merely display.

Anyway. CON LOOT :3

Necklace from Chris, and Hello Kitty chocolates from Deviruchi Kun and Zion Kun. Thanks for these :3
My Neneko special magazine was from Kuya Luke, thanks so much for this ^_^ And for your card as well~ (+++ to my collection!)
Thanks to Izanagi for the Natsume coscard~
Wig stand from Purpektion Shop, if I'm not mistaken. And new lenses from GWYSHOP~ (New review soon!)

Much thanks to the people who gave me gifts during the event :) I really did not expect it.
And... I need more coscards. orz

I had a lot of fun for this event. Hope to see you guys on the next one soon! :)

Bye bye :3

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