Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cosplay Summary 2013

Second year mark! :)

T H A N K   Y O U   2 0 1 3 !

Morgiana - Cherry Convention

Photo by Gil Urrea
Made the medallion and Amol Selseira by myself, yay! //wipes sweat. It was also my first time to see Alodia Gosiengfiao in person. She's very tall and pretty~ Improved my Mor cos, but I think I want one last photoshoot before I retire this one.
Dragon Slayer - Ozine Fest

Photo by Jason Berces
Re-made the armor and improved my makeup! I also wore heels this time, but my feet suffered for it. :P 

Megurine Luka - Cosplay Challenge 4

Photo by Edu Boquecosa
I really had fun portraying this crazy character! It was also a very nostalgic event for me, because Cosplay Challenge 3 was my first ever cosplay experience. I reunited with a lot of friends and gained new ones. Lotsa fun~

Yukimura Chizuru - Fantasy Quest 3

Photo by Bernard Garbo
This was probably the year's most difficult cosplay. The costume itself is very complicated, and I was very nitpicky about the details. Thanks to Ms. Jackie Beltran, it came out wonderfully. This is one of my dream cosplays, and I'm very happy to bring it to completion.
Yukimura Chizuru - Best of Anime 2013

Photo by B.A. Photography
Repeat cosplay, because I really love this cos. Haha XD I met a lot of new people on that day, and I'm really happy~ I also got to meet one of my cosplay idols, JiakiDarkness of Thailand.
Shirakiin Ririchiyo - Oh No! Manga Octo-con
Photo by Shin Photografia
First run for this cosplay! Also cosplayed with my beloved sister, Risa-chan, who played as Roromiya Karuta. We had a lot of fun (and Pocky) during the event, even though there were quite a lot of people. Sadly, I didn't get to meet Neneko :(
Shirakiin Ririchiyo - Ozine Fest: Anime Figure Special 2013

Photo by Kevin John Palmiano
Last cosplay of the year! I had fun, with Neko-kun as my Miketsukami Soushi~ I just need a final shoot for this cosplay before I retire it. Thanks to the friends I met on this day~
After a year of running around wig sellers, negotiating with costume makers, goofing around with friends, making new ones, dodging mall security and dressing up, I think I definitely improved from last year. I lost quite a lot of weight this year, and started exercising to maintain my (loli) figure. I really had a lot of fun! I hope next year will bring good memories as well.
2014, here I come!

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