Saturday, September 29, 2012


Hello, sorry if this isn't related to cosplay, or anime for that matter.

My friend needs your prayers.
Her name is Danica Gomez. We call her Dan or Dandan. She's my age, my schoolmate and a former classmate. We aren't very close, but we're good friends. She's struggling right now and she desperately needs your prayers.

She was rushed to the ICU a day ago. She's diagnosed with aneurysm. I just recently learned that she was declared brain dead. But there's still hope.

Dandan needs to wake up.

I'm appealing to you to please include her in your prayers. She's a very helpful person, and she deserves more in this life. I admire her friendly personality, and her devotion to the people she cares about. I salute her girlfriend, Angelique, who stays strong up to this moment. Nothing can match their love for each other.

Please pray for her. You may not know her as well as I do, I may not know her as God does, but as long as we all have faith I believe nothing is impossible.

That in all things, God may be glorified.


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