Monday, October 1, 2012

CROSSplay, CROSSplaying and CROSSplayers

Okay, I'm about to enter a quite sensitive topic here. You've been warned.

Of course, if there's such a thing as CROSS-dressing (Cross-dressing is the act of wearing clothing and other accoutrements commonly associated with the opposite sex within a particular society. Thank you Wikipedia!) Of course, in the wonderful world of cosplay, there is something called as CROSSplaying.
Jade Yolkler, crossplayer from Thailand. Iknoereyt.
Basically, crossplayers are girls who cosplay guys and guys who cosplay girls. That's pretty much it.
But I honestly tell you, there are no bias in between cosplayers and crossplayers. They both get the same treatment and all. It's just confusion when girl crossplayers suddenly enter the ladies' bathroom.

Being a crossplayer does not automatically denote homosexuality.

So the big question is: How do I know if a person is a crossplayer?

1. Voice
Just a 'hello' would get it. No matter how pretty and sexy, guys will be guys. No matter how hot and cool-looking, girls will be girls.

2. Heels (for girl crossplayers)
(Pardon me, Yolkler, I really love you.)
Yolkler as Gakupo, Sandplay Singing of the Dragon version. Photo not mine!
Yes, well this is a bit difficult to explain. 
Most girl crossplayers tend to wear high heels no matter how the character looks. Why? One word. HEIGHT. Girls still need to achieve that 'guy height' when crossplaying. Pardon the xx chromosome for giving us the lesser bone length.

3. Yaoi
Mm, ohyes. Yaoi. Most of the time two guys aren't exactly comfortable doing romantic poses and lovey-dovey things, especially in public. Girls have no problem doing this at all. (Won't post a picture because it might get too extreme.) 

To be honest, girls crossplay more often than guys. I've only seen one or two guy crossplayers, and hundreds of girl crossplayers. Just check that ratio, man.

"I'm a girl and I've cosplayed a girl character and a guy character. Am I a crossplayer?"
Yes. Crossplaying doens't actually require you to cosplay guys all the time.
An example of that would be (one of my favorite cosplayers) Viospace from Singapore.

Kaito, Setsugetsuka version.
Miku! >w<
Yes, Viospace is a girl. Iknoereyt. Awesome.

Here are more awesome crossplayers:
Akatsuki Tsukasa from Taiwan as Shintaro Midorima
I don't know him T^T But he's pretty.
Siochenxi from China as Sasori from Naruto

Thanks for reading!

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