Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Lunar New Year!

Sorry for the not-so-awesome photo XD

I'm part-Chinese, by the way :D We went to Chinatown to celebrate the new year with our peoplez~

(Pardon the not-so-awesome photos. Our camera died, and I had to use my phone cam.)

LOL me :D
We left immediately after lunch at arrived in the afternoon. So much traffic, made me dizzy @.@
When we got to Chinatown, it was full of people O.O So much energy!

Lotsa people.
Lots of street vendors too! They were selling lucky charms, hopia, siopao, fireworks and whatnot.

Of course, it won't be Chinese new year without..
Drrrrrrragon Dancing! 
Lots of awesome dragon dancers everywhere! :D I love this place! Hahaha :)

We went to Tasty Dumplings for dinner ^_^ 

Awesome restaurant! The pork chop there is KILLER. ;)

When I say KILLER, I mean KILLER.
We walked around to buy luck charms and dzi bracelets, then went to the famous Eng Bee Tin for some Chinese delicacies. :)

While mom was paying for the stuff she bought, dad pulled me out and pointed to a Chinese man in purple. He said it was the owner of Eng Bee Tin.

Mr. Gerry Chua! Nicest guy ever!
His story is very inspirational and heart-warming. Research on it, it's a good read ;) We shook hands and greeted each other a happy new year. He probably thought I was Chinese too. XD

Went home tired but happy ^_^ So that's how my Chinese new year was spent. How about you guys? :)

Kung Hei Fat Choi, everyone! <3 p="">
Thank you for reading!
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