Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ozine Fest 2013 (Day 2, April 13, 2013)

One of the summer's biggest events! :)

So I merely upgraded an old cosplay of mine, particularly Dragon Slayer of Black Rock Shooter.

I had a difficult time changing in the bathroom, putting on armor parts and all the accessories (plus, normal people staring at me like mad) Also, I had trouble commuting because of my gigantronic Great Sword.

But nevertheless, I made it through. =))

Fun friends! Angel, Jay-R, Venjo, Louis and me. Photo By Lourd :3
Roamed around the event center to look for (awesome) anime stuff, bought myself a new pair of contact lens (review to come soon!) and got stopped for photos occasionally.

Well, my friends kept on teasing me about being 'famous' and all. (I'm not!) Maybe because of the photographer wall..? :P

Also had some photos with awesome cosplayers:

Aiashi and Shin *Q*
If you don't know Aiashi, screw you. Kidding, read here.
Kuroko! :3
Zeek Santos as Kaito!
If you don't know him, screw you even more. Kidding! Here~
And a lot more. But I spent most of the day with my friends~
Cy as Yuffie (SO SEXY!) and Pearl as Fionna~
Group photo! :3
Dragon Slayer VS Kouta Hirano
We had a little shoot outside at the parking lot, then went back in. :3

I finally got to see Aza Miyuko (formerly SPCats Miyuko) in person!

//fangirls so hard
Con loot! :D
I bought a 2-disc set of Last Exile (first season), and a pair of contact lens, this crazy game card for Divosaga and our tickets~
Check out Lourd's video of the event:

Until the next event guys! :)
Thanks for reading~
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