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Best of Anime: Day 1 (September 14, 2013)

"We're going? Really?"

That was my initial reaction when Mom and Dad told us that we can go to the Best of Anime 2013.

It was my first time to see the SMX convention center, and I was pretty surprised by the size of it. No doubt, the venue was appropriate, considering the fact that a lot of people attended.

I cosplayed as Yukimura Chizuru once again, simply because I can't get enough of this cos. =)))

I arrived in full costume and makeup already to minimize the time. Which was good, because I kinda arrived late because of traffic and this costume takes a while to put on. 

Me! Photo by Kuya Chilli of フィリピン パラダイス - Philippine Paradise :)
I haven't even put on my sleeves on yet, and there was this sweet girl who already asked for my photo. So I said "Please wait a minute" and hurriedly put the sleeves on. 

I was actually pretty surprised because a lot of people asked for a photo with me. O.O I thought that not much people would notice me, because I just repeated the cosplay and I already wore this to Fantasy Quest 3. But there were a lot of people who asked for photos and I was really surprised and flattered by it.

"Forever photographer wall builder." - Gab (my bro)
We roamed around the event to buy some stuff, and meet some people. I met Daniex, Reishi, Izanagi, Zeek, lots of others. =)) It was nice meeting new and old friends.

Had photos with different people too!

With the lovely Kristell Lim!
Ahh this is a pretty embarassing story XD
When I posed for a photo with her, our camera suddenly malfunctioned! O.O So I softly apologized, and Ms. Kristell said that it's alright. Then other people were taking photos of us, until my brother managed to fix the camera. Whew.

With Thai cosplayer, JiakiDarkness!
Ahh this is a pretty interesting (not!) story too. :P
When I saw Jiaki, I really felt rushed to take a photo with him. I was quite conscious, because he was so tall, and I was so short. You see, he had to bend down a little yet he was still taller than me. orz Anyway, I was restraining the urge to ask for a hug because he looked so fluffy. (Sorry, this is a fetish of mine. Sesshoumarou cosplayers, beware.) 
After taking the photo, I said my thanks and took my leave. Then I thought "Ah! I forgot to exchange coscards!" When I turned around, he was already far off. So I dragged my brother and ran to catch up with him.
When I finally caught up with him, he was just finishing up on taking a photo with other people. Then I approached him again and asked if we could trade cards. He gave me one, and I gave him my Luka (Matryoshka) card. Then the other girls near the area said "Ay buti pa siya binigyan!" (Oh, she's so lucky he gave her one!)

It takes guts, ladies. LOLwhut. =))))))))))))

The ever so hardworking Levi-heichou!
We were on the way home when I saw this certain cosplayer whose name I don't know. I think he's pretty awesome, so I took a photo with him. Ahihi :3 He even had a mop with him. So hardworking~

Cute Instax camera mascot!
Such a cute mascot UwU I couldn't resist taking a photo with it.

After much roaming and stuff, we had to go home.

I changed out of my costume and we went roaming around the mall with my parents.

Mall of Asia has this beautiful bay area that has mini-rides and bars in it. I remember being here as a child, but seeing it during the night was beautiful~ There were even a lot of couples having their dates their. //jealous aherher

Con loot! I didn't buy so much because I'm saving up. But the first photo is Jiaki's coscard :3 And the second one is a brand new pair of contact lenses of which I will make a review of soon. :)

I also bought my brother a Shingeki no Kyojin necklace, but I don't have a photo of it.

Thanks so much to the people whom I've met and hung out with last Best of Anime! I had so much fun. Until the next convention!~

Sankyuu for reading :D
Bye bye~

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