Friday, October 12, 2012

Cosplay Scammers: Generous Donors

Okay, I'll talk about scammers and people-to-avoid in cosplaying. This is merely a warning to other people, and I don't intend to offend anyone.

Recently there are people who suddenly talk to you and offer to fund your cosplays.

As in, they give money to you or make your costumes/props or buy your wigs for free.

Of course, my initial reaction was, "Is this actually true?? There are people who are willing to pay for you not-so-cheap hobby in exchange for nothing at all?"

But it turns out my hunch was right. It was a scam.

After doing some research and asking other people's opinions on this, I learned the whole 'scheme' of these 'donors'.

There was a certain case that a girl was offered of this 'funding' scheme. He offered to pay for everything she needed for her much wanted Hatsune Miku cosplay. Why, the girl couldn't refuse. She dreamed of cosplaying Miku.

And so, she went on and bought everything she needed for Hatsune Miku. Courtesy of the guy, of course. She cosplayed Miku and went to cons. The guy even paid for entrance fees, tickets and food.

But then after everything was going along so well, the guy asked for his payment. He wanted to be her boyfriend.

Of course, the girl didn't like the guy. She didn't love him or anything, but seeing as she was in a point of no return she was forced to agree. In the end, she wasn't happy.

There was another case, where there really were extreme situations. Same scenario: girl wants to cosplay, guy wants to help her, guy wants something in return.

All the guy asked for was a date with the girl. The girl felt ashamed, asking so much of him and giving him nothing in return. So she agreed.

So they went on a date. And the guy invited her to his house. Of course, the girl agreed as thanks to him for funding her cosplay.

Then the guy asked for a really extreme act that should only be done after marriage. You know what I mean.

The girl had no choice, seeing as she was trapped in the guy's house and no way to say no, she agreed.

So be careful guys. This is really no joke. I mean, first of all, why would someone give you something as expensive without asking for anything? Of course there are motives behind that.

No matter how broke you are, don't easily trust people who offer to fund your cosplays. Or you might get into a really sticky situation.

Thanks for reading~
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