Thursday, October 24, 2013

Crystal Lens: Jewel Candy Blue Review

New blue pair, yay!
I bought this last Oh No! Manga OCTO-CON 2.
Why? Because my old pair broke. Sad. 。・゜・(/Д`)・゜・。

Product photo from the Purpektion Shop.

For Php250 ($5.80), they already included a travel-sized 40mL bottle of solution. Bless you, Purpektion Shop.

As usual, I let it swim in solution overnight before wearing it.
I actually tried it out about two days after, because I lacked the time.

They weren't as pale as my Ula Blue pair, they had a bit more of vibrancy in them. I thought that the limbal ring was too thick, so I thought that the color might not pop out as much.

Close up.
The color is a nice sky blue that fades to the middle in a solid ring. I thought that it wouldn't look very natural, but it proved otherwise when I tried it on.

It's not very eye-enlarging, since it's only 15mm. It just opens up my eye a little, makes it look slightly rounder.

Like my Ula blue pair, it's a subtle, natural blue. This one looks more natural, though and the colors are much more noticeable. It looks fine with and without makeup, so that's a plus on lazy days. ☆⌒(>。≪)
What I don't like about these pair is that the one I use on my right eye is slightly uncomfortable. It feels like something is pricking my eye when I blink, and it dries too easily. The left one is kinda difficult to put on, it kinda gets too flat when it's soaked in solution so I have to use two fingers to put it on my eye.

With makeup + eyelid tape :)
Comfort: 3/5 - This is actually the first time I had discomforts regarding the contact lenses. The right one dries too easily, and the left one is difficult to put on.
Design: 4/5 - I like how it's very natural yet noticeable.
Enlargement: 4/5 

That's all ( ´∀`)
Sankyuu, bye bye~
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