Monday, October 21, 2013

Oh No! Manga OCTO-CON 2 aka Sa Gitna Lang Po

*'Sa Gitna Lang Po' means 'please stay in the middle'
Why? It's the tagline of the security guards =))

My cosplay partner, Allyssa, went to my house to prepare. Then, we went there in the afternoon.
Me as Shirakiin Ririchiyo of Inu x Boku SS
 Lots of fails happened this day. 
I forgot my wig cap, so I had to buy one in the event. I also forgot my bobby pins, so I had to buy some also. Plus, my wig kept on slipping and I had to pull it over (it's so long ;A;) to cover my forehead.

Nevertheless, I came through. =))

My cute Roromiya Karuta: Allyssa ❤
And in a parallel universe, we are a couple.
But no, we aren't really a couple.
Got photo crazy with my friends for a little while.. no, for a LONG while.

Oh mai.

Shinjuu Magnipisika as Red
Aki Mori as Shirakiin Ririchiyo
Allyssa as Roromiya Karuta
Aki Orihahara as Sakurai Ryo
Sai Isuzu as Aida Riko

Red, don't go ;A;

I also had photos with other cool peeps. :D I won't post all of them, because the shots are blurry orz

With Mai Iquina as Tomoe~
With Ralz as Kise~
With Tantin as Erza~
With Dante~ (I don't know his name oTL)
What I kinda don't like in this event is that most of the guards were rude towards the cosplayers. I had experienced being shooed away several times, most of the time because I was staying in the side and I was fixing my wig and makeup. They said that if I'm going to fix myself, I had to go to the bathroom. Another time was when we were taking photos, and then the guards told us to go into this fenced area that they call a "barricade". But there were so many people in there, it was difficult to even breathe ;A;
So we settled to hold our shoots somewhere else that's not too crowded.
I hope in the future, the mall staff would find a way to deal with cosplayers in a friendlier note.
ANYWAY. Con loot, because con loot is 

Despite the security problems, I had a lot of fun~ Thank you so much to the people I met on that day.

Bye bye~ :3
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