Thursday, January 30, 2014

Makeup Review: Etude House Face Color Corset (#2 Pink Veil Highlighter and #5 Tight Shading Corset)

I live! Muahaha!

So, I am back from the dead with yet another useless makeup review. This time, it's Etude House's Face Color Corset in #2 Pink Veil Highlighter and #5 Tight Shading Corset.

Photo from Etude House
Actual photos
The case is so freakin' cute. :3 It's small, compact and easy to carry around. The Pink Veil Highlighter looks lighter than the actual photo, but the Tight Shading Corset looks a little darker.

Moar photos ~

The design etched on the powder itself was so cute that I was afraid to use it ;A; Oh well. Such a shame but oh for the love of god I payed moolah for this. XD

Compared to my Tony Moly Cristal Blusher.

The good thing about these two is that they're noticeable when you put on multiple layers of it, and subtle when you want a simpler and more natural look. They work really well with each other, and doesn't feel heavy/caked up on my skin.

The Tight Shading Corset is a bit of an orange-bronze color, and Pink Veil Highlighter really has that shimmery pink undertone. The Highlighter has a bit of shimmer, but the Shading Corset is completely matte.


  • Very comfortable and easy to use
  • Complementing colors~ They work really well with each other.
  • Works well with any kind of tools, even synthetic-fiber brushes
  • It looks natural if you use a little amount, and boldly striking if you use a large amount
  • I wish it had a small mirror though :(


Quality: 4/5
Price: For Php278 each ($6.11), I think it's a little pricey.
Packaging: 5/5 - It's so cuuuuuute~

Before and after :)
Repurchase? YES!

Yet another un-sponsored review :) Thanks for reading~

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