Friday, January 3, 2014

EOS: Blythe Eye Brown Review

Yay pretty eyes~

I bought this last Ozine from GWYSHOP. This shop has been famous for good quality lenses like GEO and EOS, and they also sell a lot of cosplayer-friendly products like wigs and make up.
I bought this for Php350, and it came with a free lens case.
Cute paper bag too :3
Specifications were also written on the box.

I like this type of packaging, because it's easier to open than the vial kind. I bled once out of opening the vial. This is much easier to open, easier to carry and less hassle.

Reference photo from GWYSHOP.
Actual photo.
It looks EXACTLY like the reference photo, which is a big big plus. It's a golden brown with a fairly thin limbal ring, and the design is very accurate.
Close up photo.
It has little streaks of black on the inside, which adds to the natural look. It's visibly smaller, being 14.8mm in diameter.

It doesn't enlarge my eyes that much, but makes them appear brighter. It's not brown, really. It's more of a honey-gold color. Despite the color, I don't think it looks scary or unnatural. It's very bright, but natural-looking.
Top: Without flash
Bottom: With flash
It pretty much is very noticeable. (Probably because my basis of this is my 'Dad Experiment'. I'll wear the lens without telling my dad, and count how much time it takes for him to notice that I'm wearing lens.)
One thing about this pair is that the lens are thinner and softer compared to my other ones, so I have to be extra careful when handling them. The good thing is they are super comfortable! I almost forgot that I was wearing contact lenses, and I didn't need to put in eye drops often.

Photo taken in natural window light.
It looks really natural even if I'm not wearing make up, which is a plus because I also intend to use this for casual looks aside from cosplay.
Comfort: 5/5
Design: 5/5
Enlargement: 2/5 - Not much enlargement for this one.
That's it for this review :) Hope you'll like this pair as much as I did!
Bye bye :3
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