Saturday, January 24, 2015

Wig Review: GhostCos

It's been a while since I've made a wig review, and frankly, I hope that I still haven't lost my touch. This review was also highly requested from my social media, and although it is quite late, here I am.

It was actually late December when I first cosplayed Galaco, and months of planning for it really stressed me out. First of all, because of her wig. Galaco's hair is split into two colors, which is blonde and brown. She sports full bangs that has different colored streaks and her hair is super long.

I have previously considered buying the Galaco wig offered by Fantasy Sheep, but the price was too much for my miniscule budget and the streaks on the bangs did not appeal to me at all. I started to think that I can just buy a blonde wig and dye it by myself, but I didn't have the skill to do so.

Thankfully, GhostCos released their own take on Galaco's multi-colored hair.

Monday, January 5, 2015

YouTube Update: My First Tutorial Video!

Hello, guys and gals!

As you may know, I have my own YouTube channel which I made about two years ago. I used to upload nonsensical videos of myself there when I was merely starting out in the cosplay scene.

My YouTube channel became neglected after a while, and I never really updated it. I realized that doing videos of myself or what I do isn't really my forte. I found blogging to be a more apt outlet of my hobbies.

Then again, it's a new year and it's 2015. A lot of people, including my ever-so-diligent secretary, pushed me to try my hand at videos again. So here I am, with a most-requested video tutorial of my Galaco cosplay makeup!


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