Wednesday, August 12, 2015

In Retirement: Otaku Expo Reload 2015

Just before I jumped into the first semester of my third year in college, I had the most wonderful opportunity to do what I love to do the most before I tackle another year of responsibility and study.

Otaku Expo Reload is one of the known, smaller events that usually make its rounds in social media about once or twice a year. This year, it was held at Megatrade Hall, albeit the area they provided was a little bit cramped, cosplayers and enthusiasts of the like flocked to join the event.

The event occupied only a single hall, surprisingly, because other events for other lifestyle hobbies were also taking place in nearby convention halls. The corridors of the mall were lined with many cosplayers in attractive costumes for the whole day.

I took the chance to attend the event because I really wanted to have one last hurrah before I rocket myself back to academic study. I cosplayed as Morgiana of Magi, one last time before I finally retire the costume.

Thanks to Mor's very athletic poses, I was able to get a stretch out of this cosplay. I almost thought I wouldn't fit the dress because I was just back from summer vacation, but it turns out that I have actually slimmed down quite a lot and the dress was almost two sizes loose for me. Thank heavens for the silky belt which made the fit a lot better.

I don't have much photos to show because I simply spent the whole day lounging in with Infinity Studios, roaming around and having my photos taken. We had fun watching the battle of the bands, although I didn't get to watch the cosplay competition and karaoke competition.

Here are some photos with other people!



At around 6pm, we all were hungry and tired and I decided to change out of my clothes. When I finally was in casual clothes, that's when I found ALL the Magi cosplayers! I was really sad and I wished I had photos with them before I changed out. //regrets

Anyways, if you want to see more photos of cosplayers in the event, check out Infinity Studios' Otaku Expo Reload snapshots album right here.

I was walking around the event with Louis when I spotted the cute meow cap and I really wanted to buy it. But I thought it was expensive so I didn't buy it immediately. When I was doing another round of walking, my brother pushed me to ask for the price at least. It was only Php300! I was shocked at how cheap it was so I bought it within a blink.

Thank you to my dear friends for giving me the Mik-Mik and Kitkat! Sweet things are sweeter when they're given by friends~

During the event, I was walking around and looking at which stuff I could take home with me when I noticed an elderly man following me around! //cry I was really scared so I told my brother that I don't want to walk around anymore and went straight to where Infinity Studios were hanging out. I was really scared for a bit ; A ; But thankfully nothing happened to me.

I hope you enjoyed reading this even though it's quite a short and uneventful blog post. I hope to see everyone in the next event. Let's hang out next time!

Thank you for reading!
Love, Aki  
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