Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wig Review: Lucaille

For a future cosplan, I bought a new wig. And I'm lovin' it.

Initially, I wanted to buy this from Mikuchan Goodies, but their cut-off wouldn't work out for the event that I'm going for. So some cosplayers recommended Denzuke Emporium to me.

Reference photo.

My wig arrived July 22, 2013. I ordered it June 30, 2013. (It was pre-ordered.)

 It arrived safely secured inside a cute pink plastic bag. The wig was, as usual, in a net bag and ziploc. Inside the ziploc was also the free wig cap.

Without flash,
With flash.
 I have yet to buy myself a wig stand.
What I love about this wig is it looks much more natural than I expected it to be. It's not shiny at all, and the colors are a perfect match with the reference photo. A dark but natural looking brown.

Top part, no flash. 
Top part, with flash.
 The top part looked thin at first, but when I fixed the strands a bit, I saw that it was evenly distributed. Plus, I really liked the zigzag parting at the top. It adds even more to the natural look.

 Attached to the wig was a mini-card with care instructions on it.

Inside, no flash.
Inside, with flash.
Yes, this wig has a tag on it. The lace cap is colored black, with adjustable hooks. I like the hooks--it had 'Anna Emma' in pink on it. :3 Cute~

When worn.
It's really comfortable to wear, not itchy on the head at all. It's fibers are a bit rough, though.
It looked really natural on me. >w< The length is about 85-90cm. It almost reaches to my lower back.

I have yet to know if this wig brand is heat resistant. I might need to straighten it up a bit.

Quality: 4/5
Packaging: 5/5
Uniqueness: 4/5 - I think the natural feel to it adds even more to its uniqueness. I can probably use it everyday and no one would notice. =))
Price: 5/5 - For Php 1250 (Around $28) I think it's a pretty good catch.


Denzuke Emporium is owned by the lovely Ms. Denz. She's very friendly and accommodating, and I had no trouble at all during our transaction. (Except when I typed my address wrong. Meep.)

What I like about this shop, aside from the lovely owner, is that their cut-offs are short. Short cut-offs means that you can order your item and wait for a shorter while rather than months of endless waiting for your items. So if you're in a bit of a rush, their time frames would work best for you.

Also, I like how the shop doesn't limit itself to wigs only. Although it might be labeled as a 'wig shop', they also sell other cosplayer-friendly items such as boots and accessories. Cosplayer haven!

YES! I will most likely be buying from Denzuke Emporium again.
YES! I do recommend that you try her shop out. It'd be a great decision, trust me.

Check out Denzuke Emporium here:

That's all~ Thanks for reading~


Kate Cruize said...

Thanks for sharing such an useful post. I have been wearing wigs for long time and always buy them from Elevate Styles because they have huge collection of good quality wigs. I really like this wig that you wear. After knowing the review i will like to buy wigs from this shop also.

Aki Mori said...

Thank you for your comment! And of course, I'm glad to be able to help. I personally like wigs they sell at Taobao, because of their variety in style. Again, thank you! <3

denise abiog said...

Oooooh!~~ i never knew you made a review about the wig!~~ fantastic!~~ thanks a lot for this!!~~

~~Denz here by the way** >_<

Aki Mori said...

Mehehe :D Thanks to you as well~


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