Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cosplayer Problems: Repeating Cosplays

I honestly don't think that this is a problem (for me, at least).

But some people are still saying that repeating characters are boring. There's nothing new and you already have pictures of him/her in that cosplay.

Mainly, these are reasons for repeating cosplays:

1. No money
This usually happens after a big event or after buying/making a really expensive costume. Of course, not everyone has the funds to get a new cosplay weekly/monthly.. unless you sell your old costume. (I haven't got the heart to do that yet.)

2. He/she really likes the character
Of course this is understandable. You may like the character so much, as in SO MUCH, that you cosplay him/her again. And again. And again.

3. Lack of Time
In the Philippines, cosplay events are scheduled almost every weekend. Imagine, only having seven days to prepare for a new cosplay! That'd be so difficult, considering that cosplayers here still has their daily lives (jobs, school) to attend to.

4. Damaged costume
I had an experience when a friend of mine initially wanted to go as a character (whom I don't recognize), but her costume was damaged for some reason. She had no choice as the event was only a day away and she had no time to repair it. So she went as someone else instead.

There may be other reasons, but from what I know these are most common.

How to NOT Repeat Cosplays (Just in case you really don't want to repeat):

1. Plan ahead
If there are two consecutive cons you want to go to and you plan to go as another character in one of  them, plan ahead. Save for two cosplays. This might be a bit difficult for people who are monetarily challenged (just like me).

2. Costumes for Rent
In the Philippines we have this group, the CNPH Cosplay Market. This is where cosplayers can post their costume for rent. If you really want to go as someone else, you can rent costumes and wigs from others.

3. Costumes for Sale
Since you don't want to repeat, you might as well sell your old costume. Unlike me, who has sentimental attachment to all of them.

4. Don't cosplay
If you're in a situation where you can't really have another costume, then repeat your character or don't cosplay. It's only one convention anyway. But this is optional. Cosplaying isn't really required for you to go to a convention.

In my opinion, repeating isn't really a bad thing. Especially if the character really suits you and people notice you for it. I don't mind seeing others repeat cosplays.. to be honest, it's a lot easier to recognize them that way. But again, the choice is yours in the end :)

Thanks for reading! :)
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