Monday, October 15, 2012

Grand Pop Culture Fair (Day 2, October 14 2012)

So~ I spent my Sunday at the mall, cosplaying with my un-twin sister. My brother tagged along too >w<


The event was Grand Pop Culture Fair, held at SM Megamall.

Event poster >w<
I only attended Day 2. But the cosplay competition was on Day 1. Even so, there still were a lot of cosplayers roaming around! Also, this is my first time in a K-Pop event.

If you must know, I like K-Pop. Just saying.
Our costumes. (Partial)
We came there after lunch, so there were lotsa people by that time.. And met up with our friend, Mickey, who bought a loooot of KuroBasu merch. //jealous She asked for one of my coscards, so why deny it to her? XD

Theeeen~ we went into the event center~
My Azu-Nyan~
Me. XD Derp.
Yeah~ XD
We also met a lot of ozom people!
Mio (Don't Say Lazy) Genderbend!
Len!~ Whom we chased just to get a photo with XD Awesome photobomber back there. >w<
Okay, little story about Kakashi-sensei XD 
After taking a picture with him, I asked him "Kakashi-sensei, what's under the mask?" And he replied "O-oh! A-another mask!". And we asked him, "Really? No big lips? No big teeth?" "N-no! Another mask!" LOL'ed.
Le awesome Naruto cosplayers
Akatsuki! One Pein, one Hidan and four Tobi's. Yea. XD
Katekyo! XD
After enjoying the sights, Allyssa (my Azu-nyan) treated us to Tutti Frutti for some yoghurt. Yes, it's my first time to eat yoghurt -_-
Azunyan~ Getting some cat(?) food?
The Aftermath XD 
Thanks for the food!
Went back up to watch some dance covers~ And look at the sights a bit more. x) Met up with my parents after and we went to Toy Kingdom to look for some Halloween stuff. Of course, Mio and Azusa (and my brother, le photographer) couldn't resist playing around.
1.. 2.. 3! XD
The Gashapon Tunnel!
My cute Azunyan~
Then we played around with the weapons in the Halloween department.
My brother, yes. XD
Batman! XD
Then we ate dinner @ the foodcourt.
Photo by my Azunyan. :3
Then finally headed home!

I had a really fun day, and this event is soooo awesome it needs a part 2. XD Lotsa fun and all the things I love jammed into one place.
'Till next event! Thanks for reading! <3
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