Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cosplay Challenge 4 (July 21, 2013)

Such a nostalgic event.

It was, for me, because Cosplay Challenge 3 was my very first time to cosplay! ♥

I went as Megurine Luka of Vocaloid in her Matryoshka version.

Photo by Edu Boquecosa.

I was kinda nervous because this event served to be the test run of my new shoes. It's my first time wearing platforms, so I kinda walked awkwardly at first. I got the hang of it soon enough and was able to climb to the train for this shot. :)

I went there after lunch time, met up with dearest friends.
Photo-craziness ensues!

 I was actually running late, so I had to rush my makeup a little bit.

I had a lot of fun though! Meeting friends, new and old, bonding with Otaku Zone, laughtrips and photoshoot!

We had a mini-Vocaloid photoshoot by the river.
Charity Venus as Hatsune Miku
Cayl Rivera as Kaito Shion
Shinjuu Magnipisika as Gumo
Aki Mori as Luka Megurine
With Sam! :D
WithOUT Sam! XD
I told you, craziness ensued.
Of course, I had photos with other peeps:

Tony Stark! And no, his watch isn't limited edition. YET. (Photo by Lourd Simon)
Please don't kill me, Squall.. (Photos by Lourd Simon)
Kyah! (Yet another photo by Lourd Simon)
With my Cosplay Daddy, Guy Singzon! Sir Guy is one of the veterans in Philippine cosplay, and he's also one of the people who supported me most when I started out. :) (Okay, this photo ISN'T Lourd Simon's.)
 And some stuff before I end this post:
1. I knew the event didn't have strong airconditioning, so I had to make my makeup as waterproof as possible.
2. My wig is from Vogue Royal Cosplay.
3. My jacket is made by my uncle. I am selling them, made-to-order for 1,200 each.
4. No, I'm not wearing lenses.

After even more craziness, I had to go home :( Boo-hoo.
But! I want to thank everyone whom I met in the event, all the awesome people who made this awesome event much more memorable.
Special mention to my un-twin sister, Allyssa, whom I've missed to bits.

Many thanks, guys! Until the next event!
Thanks for reading~

PS: If you want to see my other photos, please refer to my Facebook album: https://www.facebook.com/akimoriofficial/media_set?set=a.212618225557233.1073741838.100004271704719&type=3
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