Sunday, July 14, 2013

Of College Life and Cosplay (Updates!)

So pardon me, dear readers for not updating lately..
I just finished my exams week and I've been really meaning to do well. Hopefully, I'll be a Dean's Lister for the semester :D

 But yeah, it's my first year in college. The experience was actually fun, quite tiring but genuinely rewarding :D

Meet the 1SLP bebes! ♥
Everyone's really nice and they're all very warm and fun-loving people. :3 Even the senpais (upperclassmen) are very welcoming!
And yes, we have only one block section for this course.

And within the first week, I have been baptized.

Oh my.
A couple of my blockmates and I treaded almost knee-deep waters just to gut ourselves home. Classes were also suspended the next day.

The experience was... rejuvenating. XD Let's just say we had quite an interesting walk to the LRT (The Philippine version of the Shinkansen)

Also, college life had me stuffing up on stuff like these:
Double wow.
And I told myself that I'd be losing weight. orz
So, now for cosplay updates! :3

I will be attending Cosplay Challenge 4 on July 21, 2013. As to who I'm cosplaying as, it's a secret. =))
HINT: Vocaloid.

And, I will be attending Fantasy Quest 3: Live On! on August 25, 2013. I'm a VIP ticket holder, so I'll be going on the pre-event on August 24, 2013 as well.
Who I'll be cosplaying as is a BIG SECRET, so good luck guessing.. XD
As for trials, I'm trying to imitate someone's makeup but it's not really for cosplay. It's kinda like just for fun. :)
Ta-da! Makeup ala Huang Zitao :D
I found Tao's look to be unique and so I tried it on myself.. hahaha XD Did I win? Or fail?
Comments? :D
That's all for my updates, hope to see you guys soon! :D
Thanks for reading~
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