Saturday, August 10, 2013

Real and Natural Hair VS Wigs

I don't see it. LOL.
It's just that there are circumstances in which I don't deem it as appropriate for cosplaying.

Even I, to be honest, use my natural hair sometimes.
Tifa Lockhart cosplay.
I used my natural hair for this one, since I had a very similar hairstyle back then. The only thing was, my hair was a little shorter than Tifa's (but it wasn't very noticeable).


  • Less tedious than styling and bringing a wig.
  • Less expensive.
  • Looks more realistic.
  • You're more comfortable styling your own hair than damaging an expensive wig.

  • Accuracy. (Style, length, color)
  • Prone to damage. And when the hair gets damaged, IT GETS DAMAGED.
  • It doesn't stay styled for a longer period of time. You usually have to retouch it every once in a while.
  • If you plan to cosplay the certain character again, then you can't cut/color your hair.
Now, for the wigs.

My four wigs :D

So I've been using wigs for about a year now, and I haven't sold any of my babies. (I don't think I can ever do that.) You can read my wig reviews here in my blog.

So far I only have one natural-colored/ulzzang wig. 

  • Much more accurate, especially the colors and styles.
  • Ready made for specific characters, with a large variety of styles. (Some wig photos have a mini-photo of their corresponding character.)
  • Made to last, made to be styled and washed, made to be worn under impossible conditions.
  • You can color and cut and style your natural hair all you want, because you'll just hide it under your wig anyway.
  • Expensive, especially to the brands with greater quality.
  • Some wigs can be used for one character only. (You can't maximize some styles.)
  • It's difficult to find out which brand works best for you, which color is more accurate and which style holds better.
  • Wigs are tedious babies. You have to comb and wash them carefully. Basically, you have to be very patient when working with them.
  • It's kinda scary to style them, if it's your first time. You're a little worried about damaging it, but no worries! You'll get the hang of it soon.

Basically, I'm fine with using with both. Although I prefer wigs even more, despite of all the negative stuff, because it's much more practical to me. My hair has a mind of its own, so it's uncontrolled most of the time. With wigs, I can hide it under my wig cap and flaunt my stuff. (I've had the worst bad hair days on convention days.)

Why did I write about this?

Well, actually, I've been noticing some cosplayers who tend to be 'lazy'. Sometimes, they don't care anymore if they don't get the character's hair right, as long as they're wearing the right costume and shoes. A frequent example of this is the character Lucy Heartfilia of Fairy Tail. I see a lot of cosplayers who have a good costume, the perfect boots, complete keys, or sometimes plushies of Happy and Plue, but they just retain their hair and just tie it at the side to copy her hairstyle. Not  to be an elitist, but it's kind of unnerving to me. I can totally agree if you 'guesstimate' some details (because not all characters have HQ photos of every inch of themselves), wear inaccurate shoes (because, geez, customizing is such a pain in the wallet) or don't wear contact lenses (because of certain health conditions and fear), but why miss out the most noticeable thing? Of all things to miss out on, why the hair? :/

But, again, it's just my opinion. Bleh :P

If you guys have any questions about wigs and such, feel free to comment below or message me~

Bye bye :3
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