Sunday, August 11, 2013

Freaking 17

Because I'm freaking 17.
So, first off:

I just turned 17 last August 1, 2013. Yay! o(^・x・^)o
Of course, I deserve to be spoiled a little for surviving another year of life.

I actually had three celebrations for this O(≧∇≦)O

First off, on the day itself.

August 1 landed on a Thursday, so I had to go to school. I celebrated with a few close blockmates, treated them to Dairy Queen ice cream for a little afternoon treat :3

Photo by Myel :)
T'was funn~
And, on August 3, I had celebrated my birthday yet again. This time, in my humble abode.
Mirror photo!
We had some food, karaoke, moar food, played with my baby wigs, took photos, moar food and.. well, food.
And here is some proof of how crazy we were on that day.

My third celebration was totally unexpected.
So my best friend, Allyssa, and two of my closest friends, Aya and Tady, came over to my house. I thought that we were just going to hang out, take a walk, fangirl (A LOT) and stuff our faces, BUT NOOOO.
Never trust your best friend to just 'hang out' with you.

So they surprised me with a very cute (and yummy) Hello Kitty cake! d(=^・ω・^=)b

I love them so much UwU Haha! We watched five episodes of Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, fangirled a lot over (hot) abs, stuffed our faces with Mom's spaghetti, and fangirled some more.

And if it wasn't enough, they gave me:
They gave me the first album of EXO, "XOXO" with a full poster!!!! //cry
I am so touched. They even gave me the Hug version (EXO-M). Kyaaa~!
I actually thought of buying this myself using my birthday money, but I had to use my money for the things I'll need in cosplay. So I thought that the album can wait.
BUT! Tady and Aya gave it to me T^T So goddamn happy.
I got the Suho photocard, by the way :D

La la la la Suho-ssi~
My actual bias is Kris, but Suho looks cute in the card OwO 
And, with my birthday money, I bought a few more spoils. Which will remain secret until I make a review of them :D
That's all, minna! Until the next post :D

Sankyuu for reading :D Bye bye~
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