Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fantasy Quest 3: Day 1 (VIP Day)

So this year, I was lucky enough to buy VIP tickets for my brother and myself :)

This was such a nostalgic event because this was where I first met the love of my cosplay life: Yuegene Fay (Thailand)

So I was quite adamant on getting that VIP ID this year ;)

I met up with Reize on the VIP-exclusive pre-event.

We roamed around for a little, and Reize asked for a photo with the super cool emcee: Luke. :D

Super cool.
Heart pose!
We waited around and the emcee said that we could have little photoshoots as we wait for Usagi-san (Japan), who was the main international guest. :)

Then I saw Naoya and Phin stand up, and we followed them~

Me and Naoya~
Being the squealy fangirl that I was, I followed them and took shots of them both. (Which will be in my deviantArt sooner or later.) I was too shy to approach Naoya by myself, so Reize took the lead~ (Many thanks!)

And after a while, Usagi-san finally arrived!

I'm quite positive this character is Megurine Luka :D
Sitting with the local guest, Zhel Guiral :3
She was really so cute and bubbly! She kept on making faces to the crowd of photographers, and we were all snapping away on our cameras.

She smiled at me! Kyaa~
She probably spotted me as one of the few girls who were busy taking photos, and she even took the time to smile for me and gave me a short wave. :3 I shyly waved back, and kyaaa! She's so cute~

The view of the guests from our table.
Wacky Zhel Guiral! She's so pretty (and awesome) in person~
We had a little question and answer session with our two main guests. A lot of funny stuff happened XD Like one of the guys asking Usagi-san if she's single. (She is.)

As they opened the floor for the meet and greet session, AniBeat Rocks serenaded us with familiar favorites from anime OST and Vocaloid :D

With Usagi-san~
Reize with Usagi-san~
Reize with Zhel~
We were on our way to get our free snacks and drinks, when I bumped into a good friend of mine.
Daniex! :3 As Megurine Luka as well~
After some walking, roaming and talking with Reize, my bro and Sir Romeo, we had to leave. ;;A;;
But it was a fun VIP day! :3 I really enjoyed a lot, and had the time to scout for some photo-worthy spots in the area.

Stay tuned for Day 2 of the event! :D
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