Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ririchiyo Shirakiin: Trying to Catch the Light

So! A week before Valentine's Day, a good friend of mine asked me for a photo shoot in our university.

To put it simply, I agreed. I'm here to show you the photos of our shoot.  :)

A little background:
We had difficulty in scheduling it, since that day was my exams. We planned the shoot to be from 3-6pm, but a test at 4-5pm suddenly showed up! Thankfully, the test was scheduled earlier and we started shooting at around 4:30. I wanted a friend of mine, Erin, to tag along since she's very much interested in photography and I thought that it would be nice to have someone she can talk to about it. My friend, Dianne, also tagged along simply because she was interested to see me cosplay in action.

Cosplayer: Yours truly
Photographer: Brix Alexander Alex of B.A. Photography (all of the photos are his)

Character: Ririchiyo Shirakiin of Inu x Boku SS
Much thanks to my friends, Dianne and Erin for helping us out!

Teaser photo
This shoot entry was entitled "Trying to Catch the Light" because we were racing to catch the sunset towards the end of the shoot. Hahaha XD

Had some shots taken at the Botanical Garden first, since that's where I changed clothes.

Much to our dear photographer's efforts in buying pink and white rose petals for the shoot. Dianne and Erin helped with the lighting and throwing the rose petals all around.

We had to recycle some petals because of, well, feared shortage. 

Erin posing with the petals. Ain't she fab. =))
Moved to the side of the library to get some shots on the tables. 

This was where we had a mini Physics lesson and learned about the terrible misfortunes that struck Brix's equipment a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. :)

Erin, being a boss with a book and glasses while she's wearing her own glasses.
Moved over to the field to take some shots with the sunset. We were starting to hurry things up here, since the sun's sleepy and the guards are near. (Hey, that rhymes!)

And lastly, we moved over to Bienavides Park, aka Lovers' Lane (don't ask me why sheesh). Some classmates of ours actually saw us at this point. :D

Yes, to read I must be in the grass during the sunset as rose petals shower all around me. XD

My second home! 
Selfie shot. :D
The lying-down-shot-to-celebrate-the-end-of-a-shoot-well-done.
We asked Brix to join us in the latter group photos, but he refused. D: Next time, we'll get you for sure. =)))

I had so much fun in this shoot! Until the next one~

Sankyuu for reading. Bye bye :3

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